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MLEs and Office 365

Started by Mike Perry 08 Jan 2013 4:42pm () Replies (5)

Just wondering how Office365 sits with the use of Learning Management Systems, (Moodle, KnowledgeNet etc.) in Secondary Schools. Is it fair to say that O365 can do all that an LMS can do .... and more? .... and with more flexibility? If so, why would a school use an LMS? If not, what are the limitations of O365 compared to an LMS? Has anyone been exploring the complementary use of an LMS and O365? 


  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2013 6:00pm ()

    Hmmm, not sure about this one, Mike.  Have you seen Office 365 in action?  Are you suggesting using Onenote or all of the office suite?  For instance I know you can embed videos in OneNote, and you can put links into Word etc but can you embed stuff in there?  I will be interested in this discussion.

  • Fastpaddy (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2013 9:48pm ()

    Hi Mike

    O365 will compliment your LMS, but there is functionality within LMS's not addressed by O365. The question I would be considering is what software/product/app will fulfill the learning needs of my students and support and compliment the way I would like to teach. LMS's like Moodle or LAMS are specifically designed to support, manage and monitor the learning of students. Applications like Google Apps or O365 are there to facilitate access to data, improve efficiency and promote collaboration. Hence the focus of each (LMS and O365) is essentially different but not mutually exclusive.

  • Vicki Hagenaars (View all users posts) 08 Jan 2013 10:33pm ()

    Happy New Year Mike

    From what I observed and learned from the Microsoft gents at Ulearn I would have to agree with Fastpaddy about the two working together.  Yes Leigh you can embed stuff into Onenote - I had the 'Why haven't I been shown this before now?' question running around in my head with every new thing I learned in that 45 minutes!  I am about to spend tomorrow going back over the notes ready to set up my planning book amongst other things in Onenote.  There are ways to keep track of the students learning that we were shown but need to familiarise myself with all that through my notes.

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