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Is Guided Access working for big groups? I see reports it locks up randomly.

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Started by jonathan7007 18 Dec 2012 12:00pm () Replies (2)

This Winter and Spring in Hawaii I will teach photography to rapidly changing groups from a "cart" moving from room to room. (about 40min each stop...) I saw that Guided Access came to iPads via iOS6. But there are reports across the web that users are getting frozen by this tool during use with BOTH outside apps and internal tools. Is this so broken I cannot depend on it?




  • Cindy Nielsen (View all users posts) 18 Dec 2012 4:54pm ()

    I have had troubles with it locking up on our ipads when they have gone to sleep so that the triple click doesnt work. It is easily fixed though by holding the on/sleep button down then turning it back on again. It only takes a few seconds to fix if this is the problem that you are meaning. (oh and my clever little 5 year olds watched me entering the password so now they know how to break out of it. I've had to change the passwords several times already as I am obviously not sneaky enough)

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