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Web access controls

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Started by Robyn Cooper 06 Dec 2012 11:10am () Replies (5)

We use a smartnet server and have had an issue with our Ipads being used to access inappropriate material on the web.  This is happening because the Ipads bypass the watchdog the server uses.  Wanting some advice please on suitable ways to eliminate this problem.   ThanksSmile


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 06 Dec 2012 11:17am ()

    I would say a strong digital citizenship emphasis goes hand in hand with anyone working on the web, children and adults.

    Until you get that strongly in place and as an stop gap measure you could take off Safari as a web browser and use AVG. With AVG it stops you accessing obviously inappropriate material and you can block your iPad from accessing particular web sites on your blacklist that you set up.



    What would other people do?


  • Rohan Meuli (View all users posts) 06 Dec 2012 11:20am ()

    Robyn - I'll get our Support team to comment as well.



  • Peter Mancer (View all users posts) 06 Dec 2012 1:07pm ()


    You have two options to make the Watchdog filtering work with iPads on a Smartnet server, assuming that your iPads are not using the smartnet server as a proxy which is why they bypass Watchdog:

     1. Force the iPads to log into the server so that their web traffic is routed through the Smartnet proxy and then through to the Watchdog proxy.  This is the best solution.  I suggest that you contact Smartnet to discuss this.

     2. Contact Watchdog and request that we provide you with a tunnel router that will enable all web traffic to be filtered via the tunnel.  There will be a configuration charge of $199 for this.

    Please note that additional filtering settings may be required to achieve what you want with mobile devices.

     Kind regards


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