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Nature of science

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Started by Mary Loveless 18 Jul 2011 3:26pm () Replies (2)

How can we engage and excite young students in the Nature of science?


  • Ben Laybourn (View all users posts) 31 Aug 2011 9:46pm ()

    Investigation, exploration and connection.  I always mavel at the experiments students will dream up if given the time and freedom to explore an experience.  I feel that within the nature of science having investigation as part of that is so empowering.  it  is great to teach and explore an idea in science, for example change of state or particle theory and then let the students develop their own ideas and experiements to prove it for themselves.    There is nothing disengaging in science provided we don't burden it with too many  "Facts" the exploring and building understanding can be gripping and facinating.  The risk we run, in senior primary and early secondary is that we are sunk by the quantity of "Facts" that we think the curriculum is saying our students should know.  If we lessen the "content"  and focus on the process, the NOS, the learning is so much richer.  that old content verse skills debate! you can see what side of the fence I sit. well that my opinion, what are yours?

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