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How can we use an LMS for professional learning?

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Started by Karen Spencer 22 Nov 2012 7:34am () Replies (4)

I am posting this on behalf of a school...can you help?


Their usual PD...

shift keyIn Treeline School, professional learning activities have traditionally been based around small group inquiries and whole staff workshops. The focus is usually whole school, although this year, there have been interest groups on e-learning, literacy and inquiry teaching. Time is set aside for regular PD meetings. Occasionally staff have informal conversations about their focus in between meetings but this is rarely recorded.


A review of PD...


The DP in charge of professional learning has been to a couple of conferences and has seen the potential for reviewing the way they manage their own learning in their school. In 2013, she wants the learning to be:

  • effective and aligned to students’ needs, and 
  • she also wants staff to feel like it matters to them, that it is exciting and suits their ways of working.

She feel sure they could make more of their existing learning management system next year but is not sure how.

So, how could she use the LMS to support effective staff learning? What happens in your school?

Other useful resources:


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  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2012 7:57am ()

    You can make a new course on Moodle and go from there, but why not try Myportfolio.  In there you can make a group and it consists of your teachers.  You can then make pages or collections of pages.  I have a page with links to different you tubes and resources that we have used in pd, as well as uploaded word documents on pd.  In addition I have made a collection for appraisal (based on Ruia tools).  The pages are easy to share with the group, The limit on data allowance does not apply to groups so you can make as many pages as possible.  Leigh Hynes DP Ruapehu College

  • Boris Pavlov (View all users posts) 05 Dec 2012 12:39am ()

    We are working hard to involve staff to eLearning too. It's quite difficult to make it at the same time effective and entertaining for people. We have based our eLearning on JoomlaLMS solution and it appears to be effective. We publish the learning material under video format and form learning paths containing several videos and a testing quiz. For socialization purposes forum, chat and a special social engine are enabled. Thus, apart from learning people can communicate, join groups of interest, share their private life and make friends. It really socializes and makes dissapear that fear of virtual learning that doesn't let many people access the online trainings. So, the integration of your LMS with a social engine (Facebook, Google+ etc) or elaborating your own social area for people can be an answer.

  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 05 Dec 2012 1:11pm ()

    Thanks for sharing your stories, Boris and Leigh - much appreciated:-)

    I like the way you highlight the different supports that the technology can provide, and the mix of formal and informal solutions. I have found that the technology can go along way to support PD in this way for schools - but it also depends on the willingness of staff to share in this way. Often, the development from face-to-face to a more blended model can mean a culture change into school. How has your staff managed that challenge? Has it changed the design of PD in your schools?

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