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Forgotten username

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Started by Megan Melvin 13 Jul 2011 3:09pm () Replies (3)

I've checked past topics to make sure this wasn't already mentioned so apologies if it has been covered off already.

I have a user in my group who has forgotten her username, she has used Lost password to reset the password but without the correct user name it's not possible to reset?!

I've looked into my own Account and Profile settings but cannot see the username specified anywhere. 

What do you suggest I advise her to do in this circumstance?

Thanks again!


  • Megan Melvin (View all users posts) 26 Jul 2011 3:51pm ()

    Big thanks to the developer(s) that added email address as an option for login - that has made my life easier working with my groups, cheers Cool

  • Hayden Shaw (View all users posts) 26 Jul 2011 4:02pm ()

    Terribly sorry for not individually replying to this post earlier Megan!

    The username is really only for login and url purposes.  If you go to your profile page, you will notice that 'MeganM' is in the url and that in turn is your username.  

    However hopefully, as you pointed out, with the addition of being able to login with email addresses now, it will solve any similar confusion. Smile

    If you ever have any future trouble regarding logins etc with particular users of your group, feel free to send us an email at help@vln.school.nz.  This way it gets lodged in our help system.

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