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Sharing iPad eLearning with Parents/Whānau

Started by Allanah King 15 Nov 2012 11:45pm () Replies (2)

One of our Link Learning cluster goals is to better inform parents/whānau about what we are doing in school.

Many parents/whānau have bought iPads because they have heard they are useful for children's learning but are unsure of how to manage them and don't know what apps to put on them.

I made this page on my iPad site


with a view to sharing apps that people might like on their iPhone and or iPad. By having the web link they were also gaining access to the other pages of links I had assembled over the past year.

It was sort of like the hook to get parents along to a night time meeting- to show them what apps they might like as adults on their iPads. When people arrived at the meeting they were actually more interested in how to manage their iPads and what apps to put on them to help their children learn and to see some of the apps demonstrated to them before they bought them.

Some of the parents had already bought iPads but a couple were thinking of buying them for Christmas presents and were wondering whether their purchases were warranted.

I had asked schools to put a notice in their newsletters informing them that the meeting was going to be held in centrally situated restaurant/cafe. I had sussed the cafe out beforehand and knew that it had wifi and they agreed to open up at night time for us.

The idea of a cafe was that it was neutral territory, not aligned with any school. And being in a cafe meant they could have a coffee and make it a bit of a social activity.

I gave the parents a handout with my contact details at the top and blank at the bottom and a pile of borrowed pens from #ulearn12 so they could make notes for later.


I limited the evening to forty parents as I didn't want to overload the venue. Here, one of the parents, Sarah Whittle, offered to share how she used guided access with her pre-schooler to limit his access to all of the apps at once. This was great- parents teaching parents in the same way as we encourage children teaching children.

It also meant that I was able to take a breath and take a photo!

It was a great night out and successfully worked towards achieving one of our cluster goals.

Above standard!

How are you informing your parent/whānau about what you are doing around eLearning?

IPad Evening


  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 19 Nov 2012 12:49pm ()

    Thanks so much for sharing this post Allanah - As I am sure other teachers will experience I have had lots of parents seeking me out at school to talk about which device to buy for their child and for a little bit of personal professional learning. 

    I have already shared the resource I put together outlining few of the apps we were using in schools for the parents to purchase on home devices and like Allanah we used an evening hands on format to upskill and inform our parent community.

    We also opened the classroom frequently after school to allow parents time to come in and get hands on with the devices their children were using. 

    How have others informed and engaged parent/whānau about what you are doing around eLearning?

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