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How do you use technology for your own learning?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 13 Jul 2011 2:06pm () Replies (6)

The new resource - Registered Teacher Criteria and eLearning - explores ways in which you can sustain your own professional learning [Criteria 4] using technology.



There is a number of examples suggested in the resource of ways that you can extend your own thinking using technology.

For "just in time" learning, I find social networking can offer support, via other professionals with whom I can connect.

What works for you? Share an idea that might be useful for a new teacher, or someone reviewing their own practice.


  • Stephanie Thompson (View all users posts) 13 Jul 2011 3:20pm ()

    Hi all,

    I'm doing my teaching diploma via online so I'm already conducting my learning through a browserCool

    However some other online activities I've found that have enhanced my learning:

    Reflective blogging. I was already a blogger so making the leap from blogging to blogging for learning wasn't huge. There's a bunch of challenges that you can do and online communtieis to join to help you with blogging.

    Twitter. ZOMG twitter has changed the way I've learned entirely. Instead of having the placements and associates I've been assigned through my course, twitter has expanded my learning network so now I have a world of classrooms to visit and a huge network of associates out there to provide support. 

     As mentioned twitter is good for 'just in time learing' however I've found participating in the #edchat useful as well. Obviously Wednesday morning at 11 is a bit problematic for NZ teachers so I'm the process of trying to set up a Down under edchat (#DUedchat) for Australia/NZ educators on Thursday nights.

    Offline activities - you might think that its weird that I should mention offline activities however I've found getting together with classmates, net hui, educamps hugely benefical. You put names to faces and build relationships which you then use when you are online.

    Sorry for the novel.


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