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Instilling a love of reading

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Started by Suzie Vesper 13 Nov 2012 1:58pm () Replies (5)

What strategies do you use to help get the kids reading while making it enjoyable and not a chore?  I'm thinking of getting stuck into some novel studies and allowing quite a lot of choice in reading materials. I also want to keep response tasks fairly open ended and not too onerous. What do you do?


  • Kerry Wilkin (View all users posts) 22 Aug 2013 9:26am ()

    Hi - I can email a really cool open ended novel study I have used for years. I also have Blooms/Mult Int type response task the kids love. Allows for art, ICT etc. Caters for all kids no matter reading ability etc. How can I send this to you?


    Kerry Wilkin

  • Candy Hart (View all users posts) 24 Aug 2013 12:20pm ()

    Hi Kerry, all these resources sound fantastic.  Would love to have a copy of your work.  Laughing  My email is chart@maeroa.school.nz. Thanks

  • Buffy T (View all users posts) 24 Aug 2013 8:35pm ()

    H Kerry,

    I would love a copy of this resource.  I am afirst year teacher and finding it hard to motivate my readers.  I have found that it is time consuming writing question cards for all the differnt novels they are reading.  I have started to write some questions based on blooms but would love to see your resource.

    I look forward to hearing from you,


  • Jill Pears (View all users posts) 15 Mar 2013 5:17am ()

    Hi, Try a 40-book challenge for personal reading. You can read about it on our class blog. The students are loving it, reading heaps and lots of positive feedback from parents. They also keep an online reading log using Google Sites. 

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