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One school's journey with an LMS: Does this resonate with you?

Lots of schools are currently unpacking what it means to have a Learning Management System - that will provide authentic opportunities for learning in a blended way.

We'd love your feedback. Anything to do with your experiences about LMSs, maybe even how you have used the e-Learning Planning Framework to drive decisions about an LMS in your school. 

Here's a scenario to consider...


Classroom teachers at Branch High School, are meeting in teams to plan for 2013. The school is introducing a new LMS and professional development meetings have been targeted at constructing common understandings about the potential for the LMS and how it can support and enhance teaching and learning in an authentic, relevant and engaging way.

There is an expectation that all teachers will have a class portal with mechanisms for students to 1) share their learning with an audience and 2) engage with others using social networking / chat facilities.

Teachers are considering:

  • what content could be in their class pages
  • how the content can align with their school’s vision for learning
  • who will access, interact and contribute to the content
  • who will manage and maintain the pages
  • what skills might be needed for this to be successful


  1. What might be a good process for all the staff to work through? Why?
  2. How might these teachers use the Assessment statements in the Teaching dimension of the e-Learning Planning Framework to help work their way through these decisions?
  3. How might statements in the Beyond the Classroom dimension help the thinking here?
You are invited to leave a comment or use the Recording tools straight into the Voicethread below. If you are a teacher, school leader or ICT leader, we'd love to hear from you.


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