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So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

Started by Jacqui Sharp 06 Nov 2012 4:44pm () Replies (119)


I have one school that has it set up on 90 iPads. It seems to be working ok except for finding certain apps. Have any other schools out there started it? I would be interested to hear how it is going, any problems or hints to help out other schools?


  • Jacqui Sharp (View all users posts) 07 Nov 2012 8:13am ()

    I didn't set it up but Christine from 'The Gardens' has. It was a little bit tricky but she said the help PDFs were quite good, but in saying that we still have had trouble finding the apps that they want to load. Could be something to do with developers who haven't ticked the Volume purchasing box.

  • Jacqui Sharp (View all users posts) 07 Nov 2012 8:17am ()

    Is there any choice of doing it another right way? Some schools are thinking of giving their teachers an iTunes account with an iTunes card and they take over the responsibility of app choices and updates. Other schools are doing BYOD and giving parents a list of apps that students will need throughout the year.

  • Jacqui Sharp (View all users posts) 12 Nov 2012 1:25pm ()

    I had some teachers in a workshop today saying that they had heard that MOE are in discussions with bulk buying of apps for schools. Has anybody else heard this?

  • Jacqui Sharp (View all users posts) 12 Nov 2012 5:49pm ()

    That is exactly what I thought, but these teachers seemed adamant!

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