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So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

Started by Jacqui Sharp 06 Nov 2012 4:44pm () Replies (119)


I have one school that has it set up on 90 iPads. It seems to be working ok except for finding certain apps. Have any other schools out there started it? I would be interested to hear how it is going, any problems or hints to help out other schools?


  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 07 Nov 2012 11:15am ()

    The issue of syncing devices to itunes accounts and app licenses have been discussed here on the VLN on another thread... in short there is no limit to the number of devices that you can link to an itunes account. The issue of App licenses is - for devices that have more than one user - you need to purchase an additional license for each user. ie you can pay the one app fee and install on all devices linked to that Apple ID. however if a device is a multi- user device eg 10 other people using that device, then you need to purchase an additional 10 licenses.

  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 07 Nov 2012 4:23pm ()

    interesting... that's changed since the advice received from Apple regarding licenses based on users not devices.

    Equally interesting is the addition of paragraph iii.

    (iii) You shall be able to store App Store Products from up to five different Accounts at a time on a compatible iOS Device.

    Under 'Manage Devices" in the "Account" link in Itunes

    "Computers and devices can be associated with a different Apple ID Once every 90 Days. Days remaining indicates the number of before you can associate that specific computer of device with a different Apple ID"

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