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So where are schools at with Volume Purchasing?

Started by Jacqui Sharp 06 Nov 2012 4:44pm () Replies (119)


I have one school that has it set up on 90 iPads. It seems to be working ok except for finding certain apps. Have any other schools out there started it? I would be interested to hear how it is going, any problems or hints to help out other schools?


  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 16 Mar 2013 11:07pm ()

    Agree with Daniel - Configurator a Mac only app. Once you have done the whole future planning, VPP thing you need to develop a close relationship with your techie to organise the whole profile thing, ports and codes etc.  Before you go to Configurator you have an excellent oppotunity to sit down with staff and discuss key apps then on to VPP. If you have paid for a few through iTunes accounts regard it as R&D and a good investment.

  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 18 Mar 2013 5:31pm ()

    Hi Carol

    Just to add to the conversation. I hope Sonya will add/correct the following. My understanding is a school has


    ONE iTunes account that is used by the Programme Manager (using Apple’s terms here) to manage the VPP programme. I would suggest that this is the only thing that happens on this account. In NZ I believe it needs to be linked to a credit card so you will want to limit access.



    In most NZ primary schools you have ONE iTunes account that is used with/by Apple Configurator (AC) to redeem VPP codes and download free apps. You can use AC to group your iPads in the Prepare/Supervise process.




    You can have syndicates/departments with their own iTunes accounts and their own AC. The  Manager sends out VPP codes to be redeemed as required on each of these  nodes.



    Hard enough for a small group to get heads around AC and the whole process.

    Harder to manage and keep track of VPP.

    Needs multiple computers running AC and multiple iTunes accounts – opportunity for confusion especially over passwords



    Spreads the load when needing to update.

    Downloaded apps would tend to be more area specific.


    I think you would have to have a good reason for having it decentralised especially at the start. If you did want to do this later as numbers increased you  can de-authorise VPP codes from the central account and then redeem them on the others (I think!)

  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 26 Jun 2013 5:35pm ()

    Just adding a wee bit to Allanah's notes.

    With the teacher's own account I understand she can have 5 devices synced and that is her own device or one that the school has dedicated to her plus her iPhone plus a family members etc , not that one plus 4 other school ones. That is wriggling around the thing you sign.

    Remember if you have some core apps purchased through VPP you can supply the teachers (or students) with a redeem code that they can apply through their iTunes account - it uses up one of your codes 8-} A good idea to use these in blocks - with teacher names beside the ones they use and KEEP blocks for use with Configurator. I would also suggest supplying those teachers who have agreed to trial apps with a iTunes card which they can use on their 'personal' iTunes account to purchase apps to check them out. Regard it as good R&D.

    When teachers leave they may hand the iPad back but they can take their account with them and transfer to another device (so they 'take' a few school apps - get a life) - they should not use their school email address to sign up to iTunes - it changes when they leave!!

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