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Changes to the VLN

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Started by Glen 19 Nov 2010 2:28pm () Replies (1)

Based on user feedback we have just implemented some changes to the top navigation links in the VLN:

  1. People found it confusing that there was a VLN Home link and a DashBoard - and since the Dashboard actually was your home on the VLN, and DashBoard is a bit of a geeky word anyway, there is now just a Home link which takes you to your VLN Home.
  2. It was obvious to people that clicking on the funny little icon took you to your Profile page where you could tell the rest of the community a bit about yourself - so we have replaced the icon with the word Profile.
  3. As Groups are a key component of the VLN Online Community it seemed a bit silly to have to go hunting for them under tools - so now Groups have a link all of their own.
  4. If you are wanting to change your password or email address, or alter the way you get email notifications, you can now access these options under Account at top right.

We will be back in touch again soon with some changes to your VLN homepage which will hopefully make it much more useful to you, along with some great new tools for Group owners.

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