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3D environment for maths

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Started by Stephen McConnachie 05 Nov 2012 4:10pm () Replies (3)

Hi all (all three of you! I'm hoping more will join us soon!!!)

I'm keen to find a good (intuitive interface, easy-to-use, and clear for students to understand) 3D environment for demonstrating/illustrating geometry and stuff. For example, Mult-e-math allows me to create a 3D shape and rotate it by grabbing and dragging, which is kind of what I want, but the rotation axes are NOT at all intuitive and the scope is very limited in terms of what I can actually build. This website here is really good for cube-block building and rotating, but still doesn't allow me to do everything I want... for example, I would love to build a wire-frame cuboid that I could rotate around to demonstrate 3D trigonometry. Does anyone know of a good software package or website to do this?


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