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iPad mini - what do you think?

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Started by Catriona Pene 05 Nov 2012 10:41am () Replies (17)

I am the proud new owner of an iPad mini. I bought the most basic model 16gb $479 to trial with myself, with students in schools, for my three boys to trial at home and for my 12 year old to trial at school in his BYOD setting.

So what do I think?

I love it for my own use, the smaller size and lighter weight means it will be easier for me to take wherever I go and I do just really love the feel of it. It is more like a book to hold, fitting nicely in one hand and just like when you return home after having a second child and your first born suddenly seems huge, my "old" iPad 2 now seems very heavy and clunky by comparison. It is fast on my home wireless, the battery lasted the advertised 10 hours and the new lightning plug is easy to use and gave an impatient me a fast recharge.

My 12 year old has given it a huge thumbs up, it is a perfect fit for his needs of BYOD at school. Small enough to safely transport to and from school each day and yet a much more useful screen size than his previous iPod. He reports that the camera is easier to use and that apps load faster.

In the classroom I suspect the larger ipad2 and 3 formats will still be preferable for group work and collaboration, particularly in primary schools, but where students are pimarily using it for a personal device this smaller format is great. The camera too is much easier to manage as the device is easier to hold.

The price? Yes only $100 cheaper than an iPad 2 so not much cheaper but that still means you get 6 iPad mini for the price of 5 iPad2s and $100 buys a you a whole lot of apps.

So there are my first impressions, I will take it into schools with me this week and get the feedback from students and teachers.

Who else out there is trialling them? What do you think?


Compare specs.

Read what Glen Davies IT Manager at CORE  has to say 

The new ipad mini came out yesterday. Christchurch-based IT expert Glen Davies gave it a try.

Add your own views below. : )


  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 05 Nov 2012 12:26pm ()

    Hey Josie - yes we will keep apple afloat between us! I am excited to see how the students react, if the rection of my 12 year old is anything to go by they will love its smaller size and ease of handling.

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 05 Nov 2012 12:43pm ()

    Hi Jolene, I guess that cyclone and other providers will also have a school price for the mini making them more like $100 cheaper than the iPad. I plan on taking the mini into a school on Wednesday and Thursday so will report back to you on what the juniors say. I suspect they will like the smaller size for mobile learning, (taking video and photos), as I watched my year 3 class struggle with taking photos on the larger iPad2 last week but they may prefer the larger format for desktop activities and sharing/creating. Guess this just continues the argument that there is no one best fit for all but that a range of devices is ideal.

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 06 Nov 2012 10:14am ()

    Here are Kevin Honeycutt's first impressions of the ipad mini. Interesting he talks a lot about the size and feel too - maybe we both are very tactile learners. : )

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 09 Nov 2012 4:26pm ()

    Getting right back to the road testing of the ipad mini in schools.  

    I took the ipad mini into 3 classes. Year 0/1, Year 3 and Year 5/6. All of the classes had children who were familiar with and currently using ipods and ipad2s. 

    We trialled the ipads and ipod with apps the children were familiar with and I asked them which device they preferred and why.

         photo copy.JPG

    Here are some of their responses.

    "The iPad mini is more portable but still a big enough screen size to do work on."

    "You get the same number of apps on the screen whichever device you have."

    "The iPad mini is lighter to hold and it is easier to take photos with and to take video on."

    "There is a better picture on the iPad mini, the screen is brighter and the camera takes better photos."

    "When I am using Pic Collage app it is easier to use the iPad mini if I am working alone but harder if I am making a collage with a buddy or in a group."

    "The iPad2 is better for group work and for when you want to do a lot of writing."

    "It is much easier to take photos on the iPad mini or iPod because it is much easier to hold and much lighter too."

    "I liked having the smaller iPad mini on my desk when I am working on it and on other things because it takes up less room on my desk but the screen size is still big enough to research on."

    "Using ARDinopark on the iPad mini it is much easier to get the dinosaurs in the right place because the iPad mini is easier to hold and to turn and to reach the photo button without losing hold of the iPad."

    "There is no difference on the music apps on the iPod, iPad mini or iPad 2, the sound quality seems the same and they are all just as easy to use."

    Making movies is much easier on the iPad mini. You still get just as many choices as the iPad2 but it is much easier to hold and take video and photos, and the screen is stil big enough to see what you are doing.

    And I think this comment sums it all up quite nicely.

    "Sometimes I like a big thing and sometimes I like a smaller one. It depends on what I am doing. If I am outside walking around or taking photos it's easier to have the smaller iPod or iPad mini but when I am working on a big collage or doing a lot of writing or when I am working in a group it's better to have the bigger iPad2 because there is more room on the screen."

    3 device test.


    Has anyone else used iPad minis with students? Interestd to hear what they think. : )

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 15 Nov 2012 8:06pm ()

    Tania Coutts reviewed the iPad mini in schools and early childhood centres. Check out her post on the CORE blog.

    Over the last week or so, we sent out one of our e-learning facilitators, Tania Coutts to check out what teachers and students thought about the iPad mini experience.

    Here’s the results.

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 07 Feb 2013 10:05am ()

    Hey Monika, 

    My cover came from Harvey Norman but I have seen similar ones much cheaper on TradeMe recently. I like having the flap as it protects it in my bag but also recognise it can get in the way whe using the camera.

    Chek out this thread for more of the same discussion around screen protectors and cases for iPads.

    : )

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