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Started by Suzie Vesper 04 Nov 2012 10:36pm () Replies (33)

Hello and welcome to everyone that has been joining the group. I am keen to hear what everyone's interests are and what we could discuss here.  I thought we could all do a bit of an introduction too!

I'm Suzie Vesper and I currently work two jobs: a national Digi Advisor for schools and an online ESOL teacher for 16 Year 7/8 students from around NZ. However, next year I am heading back to the classroom to teach Year 7/8 at Mount Pleasant School in Christchurch. I am keen to talk about anything and everything related to teaching at this level and hope to learn a lot from everyone else. I'm particularly interested in how people run their literacy and maths programmes at this level. If anyone wants help related to web 2.0 tools or Google Apps, let me know as I use these quite heavily in my online school.

So what about you?  What is your background and what are you interested in?


  • caron sullivan (View all users posts) 07 Nov 2012 7:36am ()

    HI Vicki,

    I am teaching a Year 7 & 8 class, leader of syndicate and interested in keeping abreast of not current, but future trends. The climate changes in education as quickly as our weather. 

    I would love to view your wiki. Is there a link? We have begun a BYOD this year and so far it has been pleasingly successful. There have been glitches but overall the benefits have been amazing. Our kids prefer IPOD touches which has surprised me. I thought we would have more tablets and laptops. What they produce on these tiny devices is impressive. The attraction is the size of the device I am told.

    We are rural, so welcome this forum as a gateway to PLD

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