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Started by Suzie Vesper 04 Nov 2012 10:36pm () Replies (33)

Hello and welcome to everyone that has been joining the group. I am keen to hear what everyone's interests are and what we could discuss here.  I thought we could all do a bit of an introduction too!

I'm Suzie Vesper and I currently work two jobs: a national Digi Advisor for schools and an online ESOL teacher for 16 Year 7/8 students from around NZ. However, next year I am heading back to the classroom to teach Year 7/8 at Mount Pleasant School in Christchurch. I am keen to talk about anything and everything related to teaching at this level and hope to learn a lot from everyone else. I'm particularly interested in how people run their literacy and maths programmes at this level. If anyone wants help related to web 2.0 tools or Google Apps, let me know as I use these quite heavily in my online school.

So what about you?  What is your background and what are you interested in?


  • Vicki Hagenaars (View all users posts) 05 Nov 2012 9:59pm ()

    I'm Vicki Hagenaars.  I have taught at Wanganui Intermediate School for nearly 10 years.  Five of those years I was HOD of Math with the responsibility for introducing the Numeracy Project into the curriculum in that time.  Currently I am the HOD of IT/eLearning. 

    I am involved in the VPLD and Ethos communities as part of my own professional growth.  I joined the community as there are no other arenas out there just for this age group.  As a result of this observation I sought and won a sabbatical during Term 3 next year to create a wiki of resources, initially for our own setting but available to all.  I hope the members here will be willing to contribute their feedback and ideas as it grows, takes shape and evolves. Will certainly call on your expertise, Suzie.

    I am interested in the use of IT in all aspects Intermediate teaching/learning as well as how schools have implemented their curriculums.  We seem to be stuck in the same old prescription with a growing number wanting change - but to what? 

  • Vicki Hagenaars (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 2:32pm ()

    Will keep you posted as to when the wiki actually begins to be populated with 'stuff'.  My sabbatical is next year in Term 3 but intend to put things up over the coming holidays (post the current rush to end the year).  Suzie, I have much to share and only just gaining confidence in just how much! Will be very keen to collaborate with others through this portal.

  • Vicki Hagenaars (View all users posts) 14 Nov 2012 7:36pm ()

    Hi Karen

    Need to keep in touch with you.  After completing a workshop on blogs with some of the Tauranga Int staff last year at Ulearn I am keen to visit next year while I am on sabbatical to see how the school works with inquiry etc.  One of my holiday chores when I can focus on what I am actually doing during that 10 weeks.




  • Vicki Hagenaars (View all users posts) 15 Nov 2012 8:09am ()

    Hi Karen

    I did wonder . . .  but my notes were at home and I was at school when I picked up your reply:)  You will be pleased to know that I have actually used your help and somewhat got our Blog up and running.  Not getting to it regularly is the reason I am looking at alternatives for class organisation and loved your ideas of the one exercise book per student etc.  Will keep in touch. . .   And let me know if I can help you in any way.



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