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Staff progression in competence for appraisals.

Hi there,

We have been looking at the eLPF the last 2 weeks at my school.  Amongst one of the points brought up that came out from our meeting and discussion, was that the staff wanted a page put in thier appraisals to show where they were currently in relation to ICT skills and competence and to give them goals to head towards for next year.

When I went to a PD workshop earlier this year on implementing change by Cheryl Doig, they were saying how we should come up with a ladder of IT competencies for staff, so that they could identify where they currently sit and then look at the next step on the ladder. I have been able to find ladders for ICT progressions for students, but nothing really for teachers on the internet. I guess I could try and modify it for staff, but if someone already has something that would be useful, it saves me from reinventing the wheel!?

A big focus for our school next year will be Google Apps. I was wondering if anyone has some kind of step system that shows the integration of Google into their school systems and teacher familiarity with it in particular...?? It could be something like Level 1- is able to log in and access their google account. Level 2 - create thier own google docs and understand how to share with others. Level 3 etc etc....

Thanks - Kate


  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 04 Nov 2012 9:49pm ()

    Hi Kate,

    You might find some of the school stories describing how Google Apps were implemented and how they are being used on the Google Apps page on the Enabling e-Learning website useful.

  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2012 3:45pm ()

    Check our my Google apps ladder here in this ladders for badges system I have.


    We also have a full staff elearning continuum.


  • Kate Ericksen (View all users posts) 12 Aug 2013 2:18pm ()

    Wow - this is amazing! I can see a huge amount of work has gone into this system. I have to still get my head around it... Did you come up with the criteria for those badges, or were they already in the system?

  • Rob Clarke (View all users posts) 07 Aug 2013 10:13am ()

    Hi Kate,

    Firstly - yaah for your staff in wanting to do this! That's great to read.

    Why not explore how elearning relates to the registered teacher criteria and build it in that way? In this way you would ensure that the dialogue remains very open-ended and teachers have flexibility to take their learning in all sorts of directions. Depending on the size of your school and how staff work it might be worth considering team goals also.

    I would beware that if you limit it to just focusing on skills you may not get deeper change - you need to focus on skills, but also consider including transfer to class practice, or even better looking at student outcomes as a result of whatever the teacher has done. This is where teaching as inquiry comes in.

    For skills for teachers, I would give them snippets they can choose from - like a menu - that way there is something for everyone.

    If you want help give me a yell - robcnz@gmail.com


  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 04 Sep 2013 7:51pm ()

    I agree thast the focus needs to be on the pedagogy and student outcomes as a result of the technology you use.  Select the right tool for the job and don't get hung up on having to use a tech tool if other pedagogical strategies work better.  Having said that, I also agree that personal skills and the confidence to use them comfortably is also an essential factor in encouraging teachers to adopt and transfer to them to classroom practice.  We have had a Blended Learning focus for our Teacher Professional Development this year and one of the main objectives has been to give teachers time to play to buoild their own personal digital literacy whilst also enabling them to see how technology can be used effectively for robust pedagogical outcomes. Rob talks of "snippets" and we identified a core grup of teachers who already used technology effectively and they each offered a  5 week module on a tool or suite of tools that they were familiar with and used that as the basis for our PD.  Each teacher selected three modules that they were keen to find out more about and over the year they have rotated round them.  Modules included using video in the classroom, Google Apps, Getting the most out of your Smartboard, Web 2.0 tools, building websites.....  It has proved to be very successful and we have managed to get excellent buy-in from our teachers who have been very positive abouit the sessions and are mostly startring to experiment with using the tools in their classrooms.  We have also linked the PD with our appraisal process and we have departmental reps who are tasked with making sure that there is a discussion at each departmental meeting around sharing the strategies that they are using in the classroom.

    Gouing back to the original question, though, I think it is essential to have some measure for teachers to see how they are progressing.  We are just like our students and need some sort of overall vision and a pat on the back when we are making efforts to develop our practice.  Whether that is in the form of a ladder of achievement or an inquiry project, is possibly irrelevant but bthere has to be a sense of autonomy and choice.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 23 Aug 2013 12:54pm ()

    Kia ora Kate, this response isn't Google Apps specific, more about e-elearning goals in a generic sense....

    A wee while back, several e-elearning goals were originally brainstormed by (then) digi advisors, Suzie Vepser and Rochelle Jensen, which aimed to align with the Registered Teacher Criteria.

    An updated version of e-learning and the Registered Teacher Criteria, can be viewed in Enabling e-Learning (TKI).

    Soon after that, Sandy Bornholdt and myself mapped these same e-learning goals with the progressions in the e-Learning Planning Framework. You can access this google doc here.

    Mary-Anne Murphy has created a google site that combines many aspects of teacher appraisal in a digital format and you can also find more in the Enabling e-Learning FORUM: Appraisal and your e-learning goals for 2013.

    Hope this helps. Smile

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 23 Aug 2013 1:47pm ()

    Not quite sure where I've shared this before but I recently took Mary-Anne's site and built on the RTC idea a little and made this Google Site


    which I am happy to copy for people so that they could embed their artifacts that show they meet all 12 facets the Registered Teacher Criteria.

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