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BYOD - how are students and teachers using it in your classrooms?

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Started by Simon Condon 17 Sep 2012 12:23pm () Replies (1)

Hi all

Northcote College will be beginning its role out of wireless next term, moving to have the whole campus covered by early next year. We have set no required specs for devices, and we are not anticipating 1 to 1 device coverage any time soon.

What  I want to ask is what  are teachers doing, in other BYOD schools, in the class room. I suspect that students may well be the lead innovators in this process, rather than the teachers. For example, in my senior economics class students were doing exam practice looking at past NZQA papers. While I had hard copy assessment schedules available, I noticed one student had downloaded the schedule to her phone, and was checking her work as she went. She put the phone upside down, and then turned it over to check.Small, simple but just one example of how access may improve the learning environment. In another class students were searching bank and credit card rates for a financial literacy project, and using an online loan calculator to compare total cost. Those with smart phones were able to work at their desk, taking the pressure of the limited computers available.In fact, several of the banks mobile websites where easier for the students to use, as the content was significantly simplifed given the smaller screen size.

Any other stories to tell? I am wanting to put together a report for our staff. I am posting this on the MLE google group as well.


Simon Condon

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