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Clicker like apps

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Started by Susan McMillan 15 Sep 2012 1:46pm () Replies (11)

Are there any?  A teacher has a child who has difficulty working on a lap top and asked if there were any apps that this child could use on the ipad that were simlar to Clicker.


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 01 Oct 2012 3:21pm ()

    I talked the people who make iWordQ UK into giving me a copy of the app which was very decent of them.

    I am impressed too as it does what the expensive desktop version does at a fraction of the cost.

    It works very well with my iPad 3 as you can dictate to it and it will type.

    I did try it with an autistic student this week but it didn't cope well with her slight lisp.

    For an older student with good strong voice I am sure it would do better.

    The way it stays ahead of you in selecting what the next word might be is verging on magic.

    In the read back modeI like the way it isolates sentences so as to focus the reader on the text it is reading.

    Worth the $30 for a learner who finds writing a struggle or painful but has a fair grasp of letter sounds to get started.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 27 Sep 2012 7:34am ()

    Looks like I've found one.


    Not tried though cos it costs $30

    Would love to hear back on how you find it if you decide to buy it.

  • Susan McMillan (View all users posts) 24 Sep 2012 9:35am ()

    Thanks for that list btw.  

  • Susan McMillan (View all users posts) 24 Sep 2012 9:33am ()

    Sorry! Should've read on.

  • Susan McMillan (View all users posts) 24 Sep 2012 9:31am ()

    Thanks for that. I'm waiting on the class teacher to be more specific as to what this child requires but all these replies have been very helpful for my work anyway so thank you all.  How do I get an Americian itunes account? I got into an evaluation programme which gives away free apps but am not able to access some because they are only available in the states.  I'll happily purchase it if I can and let you know.

  • Cambell McNaught (View all users posts) 21 Sep 2012 7:33am ()

    You can make free accounts that do not need billing adresses in the states. If you ever want to purchase a paid app from the us app store you just have to redeem a gift cirtificate with that account. e.g. email an app store voucher to the email address associated with the itunes account and then go to email and redeem voucher. (note you need to be signed in in itunes with that itunes account when you redeem voucher or the credit will go to the logged in account).

  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 20 Sep 2012 11:46pm ()

    it is possible to setup an itunes account without a credit card..... at least it was, unless they've changed the itunes policy recently?

  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 20 Sep 2012 11:12pm ()

    You can't really have multiple accounts licked back to one source. You can however have an NZ and a US account with different emails. Your US account needs a US billing address and (I think) a different credit card link. I can see an AppWriter English but do not wish to spend $24.99 to check it out???

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 20 Sep 2012 11:03pm ()

    I came across Appwriter today that looks like it might be a Clicker like app.

    You would have to create an American iTunes account to buy it. 


    Not sure if you're allowed to make multiple itunes accounts like that?????

    If you do buy it you could tell us how it went!

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 18 Sep 2012 3:08pm ()

    SN apps.pdf

    Hi Susan,  

    There may be some useful apps on this resource list.

    Also check out the discussion here for a huge range of tried and tested apps. : )

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