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The great BYOD debate

Started by Tessa Gray 11 Sep 2012 10:22am () Replies (12)

The great BYOD debate continues…


Gary Stager wrote a post (Oct 2011) on BYOD the Worst idea of the 21st century. He provided some interesting arguments refuting the quality of the devices, educative potential, underfunding from schools - as well as the age-old equity issue.

Audrey Watters response (two days later) provided some pedagogical questions to the debate, such as,

“How will we tackle that very thorny problem of making sure that all lessons, projects, assignments, e-textbooks and so on are accessible across platforms, across devices?”

How will students manage their own software, browsers on their own devices in the best possible way to ehnace their education?

"And, of course, how do we make sure that everyone — from school districts to families — can have access to high-quality technology and to high-speed Internet?”


How have schools in New Zealand tackled these issues so far – from within the school, to the wider community?


Donna Smith (see video below) is one of our guest presenters in next week’s BYOD LIVE webinar. She is joined by Dorothy Burt from Point England Primary school and Mark Quigley from Orewa College. The is a FREE opportunity to connect with Donna, Dorothy and Mark about their vision, processes and progress for implementing BYOD in their schools.

They’ll talk about practical tips for teachers/students/admin as well as the benefits, challenges, pros and cons of this initiative.

In the meantime, here are two stories and a couple of infograms to whet your appetite…

Claire Amos: Ten tips for BYOD

Claire Amos shares some practical ideas here for ensuring that student-owned devices are used in sound ways. She talks about using cloud applications, collaborative docs and social networking tools to provide student driven access to learning - anytime, anywhere, anyhow, anyone.

Claire has also shared her resources in the MLE listserve here:

BYOD PTA Presentation

10 tips for students making the most of BYOD

Donna Smith: 1 to 1 laptops at St Hilda's Collegiate

Donna Smith describes how her school has approached one to one laptops with sound educational and pedagogical aspects of BYOD - in their 1-1 scheme.


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  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 13 Sep 2012 9:19am ()

    Here's a couple more angles on the BYOD debate...

    Gary S has shared a blog post his staff particularly enjoyed reading - one teacher's point of view on, BYOD - Pros and Cons

    BYOT and one-to-one initiatives are literacy initiatives shares another insight into the kinds of 21st Century literacies our students and teachers need. Patrick Larkin questions whether or not our educators have the digital literacies to ensure that 1:1 devices have a sound place in our classrooms. 

    What do you think?

  • Tamara Bell  (View all users posts) 13 Sep 2012 9:47am ()

    Thanks Tessa, this week I had the pleasure of attending the Apple Education Seminar (see PDF flyer below) in Christchurch and was blown away by the demonstrations performed by Apple employees showing the ease of use, accessibility features and potential learning possibilities of the ipads in education.  We were treated to the latest updates about ibooks, itunesU and ibooks author...too much to go into now but my jaw dropped on several occasions when watching examples of how it can be used, tips & tricks and discussing further opportunites for these applications in schools.  

    We also heard from Mark Quigley from Orewa College, who clearly explained the journey they have been on and outlined the challenges and benefits his school has faced along with their plans for the future.  

    Overall it was exciting and engaging PD...have I grabbed your interest yet, because the best part of the day was when they announced Apple would be returning in November to run some small group, practical hands on sessions around the applications they had been demonstrating on the ipads.  I for one will definitely be there and would encourage anyone else who is using ipads in education not to miss out either!  

    Did I mention it was free too!!!  Laughing



    Apple Tour flyer

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 19 Sep 2012 5:21pm ()

    Todays Webinar on BYOD was standing room only and was a high paced and informative look at 3 very different experiences.

    First Dorothy Burt shared her experiences with the Manaiakalani cluster with BUY your own device, how they chose which device they used, how they ensured this was affordable for all and how they use research to underpin all their decisions.  

    Literacy Cycle http://manaiakalani.blogspot.co.nz/2009/02/literacy-cycle.html

    Next Donna Smith talked about her experiences at St. Hilda's College in Dunedin. She shared with us how they consulted their school community and then made the decision to require their year 9 students in 2010 to purchase a macbook or macbook pro. They also purchased some loan devices which the students pay a bond to borrow, to cover insurance. They made this choice (macbook) because of the software that came pre-loaded on the macbooks.  There is a 90% uptake across the whole school.  Donna also talked about the importance of infrastructure and having a techie on hand to trouble shoot.

    Looking to the future Donna shared that the school bought a pod of iPads to trial in the Year 7 and 8 classes as a comparison to the Macbooks and has made a committment to ongoing professional development for the staff and networking with other schools on the same journey.

    follow Donna on twitter @donnasmithnz

    Donna's edtalks can be found @ http://edtalks.org/video/donna-smith-1-1-laptops-st-hildas-collegiate

    Finally Mark Quigley from Orewa College shared their BYOD journey.  WWW - whatever, wherever, whenever.

    In 2012 Orewa College required their Year 9 students to BYOD, they provided 20 loan devices available for children who could not bring their own, only 7 children did not bring their own. Orewa College strongly recommended the iPad but did not limit students to only these, most students however bought iPads.

     Mark shared the importance of ultrafast broadband, wireless, mobile devices, and a strong network. He talked about how they dedicated time to develop a change in pedagogy with their staff, how they built in pastoral systems to educate the students around digital citizenship and ensure the students were kept on task and how they keep parents involved in consultation including how they have provided PD sessions for parents on subjects like internet safety.

    Wow - what a great session everyone- please contribute your ideas, questions and comments below and keep the conversation going!

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 20 Sep 2012 10:59am ()

    What really struck me when listening to the 3 speakers yesterday was how well each one of them knew their community and their students and how they had tailored their approach to best suit that group of people's needs. There is no "one size fits all approach" to BYOD but the wealth of knowledge and experience in these 3 schools will certainly help others to begin making their own journeys into BYOD.

  • Shane (View all users posts) 27 Feb 2013 11:28pm ()

    Does anyone have any policies or ideas etc? I need to push forward my school, and currently have students wanting to bring their BYOD, but need a policy before I can do this, so need to see what others have and adjust to fit our school. Any ideas?

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 28 Feb 2013 10:54am ()

    Kia ora Shane, good to hear from you. Sounds like exciting times ahead!

    If you haven't already joined the BYOD in schools group (set up by Derek Wenmoth) - then I highly reccomend you do. One group discussion already exists on BYOD User Agreements, where community members are sharing their BYOD documentation. You might also be interested in BYOD Schools to Visit.

    There's a wealth of resources shared in the discussion on, BYOD in our Intermediate next year which includes a comprehensive Google folder of BYOD resources. This folder also has NZ schools sharing their BYOD user agreements.

    Let us know how you get on! Smile

  • Ross Alexander (View all users posts) 28 Feb 2013 11:02am ()

    At Owhiro Bay School, it was the students that first raised the idea of bringing their own devices last year. The staff and principal thought “Why not?”, so the policy etc was done on the fly. The students had to have completed the acceptable use agreement first, and then complete another form related to BYOD. These agreement forms were developed as Google forms (easy to keep track of who has, and hasn’t, completed it, and reflects how things are done digitally). For BYOD, the students had to confirm that they had completed the acceptable use form, understood that the school wasn’t responsible for loss or damage, kept themselves and the network safe, agreed to limit data costs to the school (update your apps at home!), and confirm that they had discussed the agreement with parents. Underpinning this was the need for students to take responsibility for their devices and behaviour. No issues to date, and it has freed up the school laptops for things like checking mail, updating blogs etc.

    The policy reflects the points on the form, and acknowledges the role that BYOD can play in students having ready access to technology.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 06 Jun 2013 1:51pm ()


    You may have seen yesterday's article in the Herald, Tech trend a dilemma for schools.

    This debate won't go away in a hurry....with a slightly new spin. If kids can't afford breakfast, what does that mean if they can't afford a BYO device?

  • Andrea Tapsell (View all users posts) 06 Jun 2013 11:04pm ()

    After attending the XPO conference, for us, BOYD is off the menu for the immediate future - we will be a SPD school - School Provides Device (just to add in another acroynm)   One session attended had some thought provoking research that if one is thinking of using BOYD to save costs, think again, the research shows in fact it was costing schools more as they grappled with putting in systems to manage BOYD.     

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 06 Jun 2013 11:35pm ()

    One of the things that comes to mind is maintenance; is the class teacher prepared to be the first port of call with a range of devices? This is especially so with younger students. I asked this of a teacher who wants BYOD to come in but is hands off completely when it comes to her own laptop!

    I think that BYOD will come as we just can't currently finance the rapid growth in need. But there definitely needs to be lots of thought given to policies and protocols before schools dive in.

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