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ESOL resources for Pasifika Primary students

Started by Mary-Anne Murphy 04 Sep 2012 9:07pm () Replies (2)

Hi All,

I am wanting to know if any one has sites, tools or approaches they use for Primary aged Pasifika Students. Really after some great NZ based resources if possible please; rather than American accents ;).

Many thanks



  • Juliet Fry (View all users posts) 06 Sep 2012 3:28pm ()

    Below is a message from the primary ESOLonline forum from earlier this week (Tongan language week). Juliet


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    From: Janet McQueen <pandjmcq@gmail.com>
    Date: Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 10:52 AM
    Subject: [Primary ESOL] Tongan Language Week
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    Malo e leilei
    Thanks Rowan for remembering that it is Tongan language week and for wanting to do something. You have made a great start. Unfortunately you haven't got much time to plan something at this point, so I would keep it simple. I think showing a genuine interest in their language and culture will be valued by them.
    You are off to a great start getting them to teach you words, see if you can also provide opportunities for them to hear and use their language, the Tupu series might be useful for this. Some of the titles will be in Tongan. The difficulty might be finding them in your school storeroom.
    Also create opportunities for them to share their knowledge of Tonga and their culture. maybe they can do a show and tell with items of interest from home. Use these for a small display, they can also write about the objects and their significance to them. other students could talk about similar items from their culture. (See Family Treasures unit which is related to  Making Language and Learning Work DVD 3 for ideas on scaffolding writing.)
    Depending on their age they could view the Our cultural village pages on esolonline and follow-up by creating a new page for Tonga. The cultural village template on the webpage has guidance on how to do this and where to go on the internet for information.
    Sharing legends and stories from Tonga or books written by Tongans is always popular. The school journal is always a good source for this. Or check out your school library or the local community library for titles. This could then be turned into a language activity be following-up with a skills flow, verb story, Say-It activity etc depending on what your language focus is. See the pedagogy section on esolonline.
    They could share a game, dance or craft from Tonga, then follow up with writing the instructions etc. Listen to Tongan music and songs etc. Maybe one of their parents could come in and share something, tell a story, cook Tongan food etc. Art and craft activities based on traditional Tongan styles would also be popular. You just need to ensure that whatever you decide upon that you also build in an English language focus and have fun in the process. Value what they know and offer and build upon it.
    There was an old listening book put out by the MOE that was very good. It was based on stories from the Pacific Islands. I am sorry that I can't remember its name but the ideas are still very useable and your school may still have a copy. It is out-of print. It had stories like Sina and the eel and pictures of a Samoan Village etc.  Does anyone know its name?
    Here a few sites I found in a quick search online that might be useful. I am sure that there are plenty of others.

    I hope you find something useful amongst these ideas. If anyone else can share what they are doing or have names of good stories etc then please share them.

     Mau nofo a e
    Janet McQueen.

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