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Connect with our communities with - and about - ICTs

How does your school talk with and involve its community of families and whānau? There will, no doubt, be a range of ways that you inform, discuss and share the learning in your school, from newsletters to parents' evenings.

  • To what extent are you able to extend these conversations using technologies? Why would you?
  • And to what extent do you also need to deliberately involve your community when you talk about how we can use ICTs for learning?

This forum aims to explore ways to make connections with your community using different technologies, and the benefits provided by these connections. Commentators include: Moana Timoko, Janelle Riki and Togi Lemanu (National Blended e-Learning facilitators for Māori and Pasifika).

Until then, check out this snapshot from Enabling e-Learning, in which Principal Dave McShane, teacher Susan Lee, and kaumatua from Te Kura o Kutarere discuss how technologies have helped to engage the local community to support and share students' learning.

Source: Enabling e-Learning: Leadership - Beyond the Classroom


  • Kathe Tawhiwhirangi (View all users posts) 12 Sep 2012 3:52pm ()

    I like your thinking here Togi. How might we - as classroom practitioners - consider involving our Pasifika & Māori whānau (all whānau in fact) in the learning that we are facilitating with our students? If we're weaving (for example) Digital Citizenship into our classroom programmes, can this not be shared with our whānau as a weekly update so that both students and whānanu are learning alongside each other? Equally social media...we can facilitate the learning with and alongside our sudents with a goal and expectation being that this learning is applied by facilitating someone elses learning eg. the whānau. In that way, learners are leading learning both in the classroom and 'beyond'. How great would that be? Priceless! Smile

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Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom

Beyond the classroom - Connecting school to the wider community with and about technologies.