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Naming photos and video footage that students have created

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Started by Amy McCauley 29 Aug 2012 9:54am () Replies (5)

Just wondering what other schools policies are regarding naming photos and videos that students are in.  Are schools not naming anything or using initals only or is this not a factor?  


  • Fiona Robertson (View all users posts) 07 Sep 2012 7:40pm ()

    We have all students on enrolment sign an internet aggrement which also has about children having photos on the net. We then comply a list of thoese students who can't have pphotos so all staff know who they are. I personal talk to the parents in my class if they do not sign it, explaining what they photos are used for and explain that only students first names are used.  I have often found it is parents lack of understanding of the purpose of blogs and school websites. Once explained most are happy to sign. 

  • Cheryl (View all users posts) 07 Sep 2012 12:24pm ()

    Amy, we have a policy statement in our enrolment package and parents sign on entry to school to give permisison for work and images to be published on the web. The "Internet Permission" states that only first names are used. We log this permission on our student database (eTAP) so we can quickly check. I uaually download a spreadsheet form eTAP and circulate to teachers. But our secretary is really onto it nad alerts me and the class teacher if a "no" is given. We have no "No" permissions at the moment!  If you want a copy of our documentation email me and I can send it through to you. 


  • joleneb (View all users posts) 29 Aug 2012 10:06am ()

    I also use the first name only or first initial approach. Am trying to develop permission documentation around this though (student images and public spaces/copyright etc) as I want out class blogs to go public of the school website rather than password protected. Does anyone have any parent letters or contracts they have created around this issue that they would be happy to share?

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 29 Aug 2012 9:58am ()

    Hey Amy - great question! I always just use the students first name or first name and last initial in the case of having 2 students with the same name in a class. This is our school policy and seems to work well, allowing parents to find their children's work easily but not giving away too much information. Interested to hear how other schools/ teachers deal with this too.

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