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Why Twitter?

Started by Tessa Gray 21 Aug 2012 11:28am () Replies (46)

I've just been reading 12 Most Unexpected Ways Twitter Changed My Life and wondered, if you could do PL (professional learning) and PD (professional development) in your PJ's, what would be your 3 tops reasons for using Twitter?


  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 11:33am ()

    1. short - reponses limited to 144 characters ensures the learning is waffle free and easy to digest.

    2. sifted - twitter feeds allow me to choose who I want to hear and tailor my twitterstream to my needs / wants.

    3. anytime - even in the dead of night (and which teacher doesn't wake up with their best ideas then??) there is something to read, enjoy, share and think on.

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 12:41pm ()

    I like Catriona's comment so will add three different reasons:

    1. Immediate - I'm getting PD hot off the press rather than waiting for the publishing process, the mail, the principal to read it first...news too, often hits Twitter first

    2. I can interact with the writer even if pre Twitter they were an "untouchable". Love that I was able to correct TVOne news in an ad break, respond to experts in England...

    3. Anywhere, anytime...no more sitting in queues with nothing to do!

  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 1:04pm ()

    Everything said is so true so far (especially the PD in PJs part Wink)

    1. #hashtags - get us to the point/theme of what we want to know/learn

    2. Don't have to listen to boring/irrelevant waffle/people (I hate to say that one, but unfortunately it has been very true in my experience)

    3. On-time - get answers/PD when I need it, not when others think it would be good to talk about it.

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 1:35pm ()

    As an aside, sign off your comment with your twitter name if you dare!

    I'm @mrs_hyde.

  • Hazel Owen (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 1:49pm ()

    Agree with all those below Cool


    • Sense of a community and willingness to share / celebrate - love it!! (especially re-tweet and @ mentions)
    • Keeps me current...
    • Global connections are awesome (Annemarie mentions this)
    • A 'filtered' (by who I choose to follow) conversation / links to resources - saves me oodles of time
    • Inspiration - there's always something relevant and interesting

    My Twitter name is @howen Smile

  • Hazel Owen (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 1:50pm ()

    And, as any good student (doh) - I didn't read the instructions and have included 5 in my reply ;-) Interesting to see that the respondents so far have all use short replies a lá Twitter Wink

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 1:46pm ()

    great idea Annemarie



  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 2:15pm ()

    I better add then that I am @nlouwrens

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 2:17pm ()

    Great ideas here. I also loved this quote, "Why not take advantage of free professional development and networking?  Can't get to workshops/conferences? Then build a network in Twitter - its FREE

    I wonder if we can get this discussion flowing at the same time in Twitter? @tessagray

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 2:33pm ()

    This  discussion happens frequently in Twitter as people collect our thoughts for PD on Twitter!  But lets start a hashtag...#VLNtweeps

  • Ed Strafford (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 2:39pm ()

    I love twitter, for many of the same reasons as others, for me it's primarily because i) I get exposed to a vast range of thinking and knowledge of events that I would otherwise struggle to access to ii) it allows me to build my prof networks iii) it means i do not need to bother with mainstream media - unless the mood takes me - it is pretty much my window on the world(s)  @ednz

  • Tania (View all users posts) 21 Aug 2012 3:23pm ()

    Global - learning, sharing and networking with the world

    'Just in Time' learning - when and where I want it in the comfort of my PJ'sLaughing

    Opens my mind to the world outside of education - and not just by following the All BlacksCool


    Love the whole concept of enticing teachers into PD by using the PDinPJ's approach - there is a WHOLE WIDE WORLD awaiting.....

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