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Using googledocs

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Started by Juliet Fry 14 Aug 2012 4:51pm () Replies (5)

Hi there


I want to support a couple of teachers using googledocs in the following ways:

1. for the teacher to help a student edit his writing by inserting sggestions

2. for a group of students to jointly construct a text with the aim to increase use of academic vocab

Do any of you have experience of such uses of google doc - and any suggestions?



  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2012 4:55pm ()

    Yes- I use Google Docs all the time.

    Do you have a specific question I can help with???

    WE just did this last week


    which works equally well with adults and children alike.




  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2012 5:33pm ()

    Hi Juliet,

    We do exactly this in our online ELL programme.  The students type into the Google Doc and then we highlight sections of the text and insert a comment. The students then can read the comment, make the adjustments, and then click 'Resolve' if they think they have done it.  If I need to reopen the comment again because they haven't done as great a job as they thought, then I can go to 'Comments' at the top right of the document, and find the comment to reopen. We have also had the students peer editing each other's work this way and found this was really motivating for the students with many going back to rewrite sections of their work after seeing how others had approached the topic.

    As for joint construction, you can have many people editing a Google doc simultaneously but this can get a little messy if you don't have some systems in place first such as when each person should be typing and where on the page they should type.   You can also have the doc available for different students to come in to at different times to continue working on the text after setting up the activity as a group. We use interactive clozes and have a class discussion around the target language before assigning students paragraphs to work on each within the doc. This could be one way of approaching it.

  • Breda Matthews (View all users posts) 19 Dec 2014 10:17pm ()

    Hi Juliet,

         Here is link to a PPT that may help you with this. 

    Joint construction is a little more challenging unless you are doing this live in classroom and using Google docs as the writing space. As you know joint construction usually involves students telling a teacher what to write and the teacher writes, or rephrases, the students' suggestions. There are a number of different techniques that do slightly different things e.g.  a small group of students writing collaboratively, several students writing their own text on the same topic. Get in touch if you want to know more.



  • Annette Vartha (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2015 9:40pm ()

    If you create a google document and insert a table with two columns and a row each for your students - they will all be able to work on the google document at the same time.

      What did you do over the weekend?

    I had a lovely weekend and went to shopping.

    Peer marked by Karen


    As the students have their own cell to work in the document doesn't jump about and get messy!  I ask the students to write - giving them a timeframe.  It is very interesting to see the differences in what they produce.  You can also see the progress of the whole class at the same time!!

    After they have written I ask them to peer check their work by having a discussion about their paragraphs.  The person who marked it writes their name at the end of the paragraph.  I ask them to cross out words rather than delete them so there is a reminder of what not to do.  The peer marker uses green font to do the changes.

    I make comments along the way.

    You can use the first table you create as a template - just copy it (File, Make a copy) and delete the responses of the copied file and keep the names of the students in the left hand column (of course!) .  Then simply change the question or topic you want them to write about - and you have a blank form ready to go - done!


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