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iPad trial

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Started by Danella Smallridge 08 Aug 2012 12:24pm () Replies (4)

We are about to acquire a small number of iPads and wil run a trial across one senior and one junior class. We areconsidering things to measure and record. We want data/ info which might help us access funding for more devices. Advice wanted. Wat have other people used?


  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2012 12:55pm ()

    Kia orana Danella, what a great question. Sounds like an opportune 'teaching as inquiry' focus here.

    There are some great home-grown converstions about iPads in the following thread @ /pg/threaded_forums/26613/ about effective ways of using Ipads in the classroom. In that forum, there was a reference made to 21 steps for planning, preparing, implementing and evaluating iPads and linked to an IPad trial in  Australia (sorry not NZ) - where 10 schools were trialing iPads. Their case-studies can be accessed here. http://www.ipadsforeducation.vic.edu.au/ipad-education-case-studies.

    There are also references to iPad roll out and trialing of iPads in the group Bookmarks.

    • Tara Fagan bookmarked, The iPad as a tool for Education which references research looking at one UK school 1:1 trial of iPads. Some interesting stats around use of iPads across curriculum, use, technical aspects etc. 

    • Teachers guide on the use of Ipad in education - makes links to research in America as well as, Reasons why iPad is important in education and how to integrate iPads into your classroom.

    Teaching as Inquiry

    There might be some 'food for thought' in these references. For example, if we know what we are trying to achieve (targeted student learning outcomes), in different curriuclum areas, with links to Key Competencies, thinking skills, digital literacies - then we might be able to turn these goals into measurable areas to focus on for a teaching inquiry. A question might be, How can we improve oral literacy with a focus on culture, language and identity - for our Māori boys using apps on the iPad? 

    This process may include a template, such as the one Suzie Vesper has uploaded recently for teachers to use and modify -Template for teacher inquiries incorporating eLPF.

  • Gary Sullivan (View all users posts) 20 Nov 2012 8:16pm ()

    Good luck I am hoping to trial for my learning area of PE next year If get wifi for my room then it will be a learning curve as the school is not well versed got ICT nor expertise. 

  • Granthod (View all users posts) 27 Nov 2012 2:20pm ()

    You might want to have a look at Nearpod - its an interesting free App that allows a teacher to run a lesson on other ipads in a class, show video clips, see quiz results, etc. I would be interested to hear how it actually works in a real classroom!

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