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Cook Islands Language Week.

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Started by Catriona Pene 08 Aug 2012 12:20pm () Replies (7)

Cook Islands Language Week 2013 > follow this link to access this year's post below




Cook Island Language Week 2012


There are five languages spoken in the Cook Islands.  English and Cook Islands Māori are the official languages (except on Palmerston where only English is official). The other languages are Pukapukan ( from the island of Pukapuka which is geographically and linguistically closer to Samoa ), Rakahanga/Manihiki which is spoken on the islands of the same name ( some say this is more of a dialectical diference than a language in its own right ... ) and Tongarevan (spoken on the island of Penrhyn). Palmerston has an English dialect which is mixture of old midlands English, linguists say this resembles a Gloucestershire accent. ( Anybody with a connection to Leicestershire and Gloucestershire who wants to know more email back for more links )

More language and cultural info see here:





  • Adele O'Leary (View all users posts) 05 Aug 2013 2:31pm ()

    Kia orana! NZC Online have a blog for Cook Islands Māori language week with a few additional ideas and resources.

  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 05 Aug 2013 1:57pm ()

    Kia orana! Welcome to Cook Islands Language week 2013!

    Thanks to Teanau Tuiono for this post:

    The theme for Cook Islands language week 2013 is: Toku Reo, Utuutu `Ia: My Language, Nurture it. The Cook Islands Development Agency NZ (CIDANZ) in association with the Cook Islands Community of New Zealand presents a week of Cook Islands celebrations through song, dance, food, crafts and language.

    For more information on Cook Islands Language Week and the events that will take place throughout the country, check out the Human Rights Commission website and the Cook Islands Language Week Facebook page


    If you are in Auckland there are a number of planned events.



    Cook Islands Māori


    Cook Islands Māori is very similar ( often the same ) to the Māori spoken here.

     Some basic words ( for those of you learning Māori .... yes the words that look and sound the same have the same meaning ...)


    Kia orana = Hello

    Kia orana korua = Hello ( you two )

    Kia orana kotou = Hello ( three or more )

    Pe'ea koe = How are you

    Pe'ea korua = How are you two

    Meitaki au = Im fine

    Meitaki maua = We (two ) are fine    

    Aere ra = Goodbye

    Pasifika learners and e-learning


    It's useful to explore ways in which technologies can enhance the learning experience for students from the Cook Islands, or indeed any Pasifika island. Check out these resources as a starting point:

  • Rachel Whalley (View all users posts) 01 Aug 2013 10:29am ()

    Kia orana

    We have a Cook Islands Maori class running through the VLN Primary School that has a few spaces on it. This is on Thursdays at 2 pm and is aimed at students Y7/8 (we can be flexible with that) and it is for beginners. The class has already started but it's not too late to join in if you have a few students that are interested. 

    Contact Rachel


  • Jane Armstrong Bos (View all users posts) 01 Aug 2013 9:34am ()

    Cook Islands Māori language week for 2013 takes place 4-10 August.

    You can find teaching and learning resources on Enabling e-Learning.

    To find out when other Pacific language weeks are on visit the Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs website

  • Lana (View all users posts) 09 Aug 2012 3:07pm ()

    Kia orana, 

    Here are some others words that you could use in your classroom 












    10-ta'i ngauru



    no'o ki raro- sit down

    tu ki runga-stand

    tikina taau puka/pēni/pēni rākau/rura- get your book, pen,pencil, ruler




    Have fun with these. 

    Meitaki maata


  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 08 Aug 2012 1:35pm ()

    Just a reminder that the webinar from last week includes a piece on how we engage Pasifika learners.


    and there are some great digital resources on TKI to support you too.

    But wait there's more!

    Some video inspiration from closer to home shared by Teanau 

    Meitaki Teanau.

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