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What's the most powerful professional e-learning experience you've had?

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Started by Enabling e-Learning 29 Jun 2011 10:32am () Replies (22)

In 140 characters (or more, if you're feeling chatty!Wink

Was there a 'light bulb' moment - or was it a slow-rolling sustained exploration over time?


  • Melanie Matthews (View all users posts) 13 Aug 2011 4:33pm ()

    I agree twitter has helped me, challenged me and absolutely delighted me with professional learning. It would be without a doubt my most powerful experience professionally.

  • Melanie Matthews (View all users posts) 16 Aug 2011 6:03am ()


    Few of those reading this will be interested or have the
    time to read much further because it is more than what twitter offers of 140
    characters or less. Twitter actually introduced me to the VLN and because those
    on twitter were talking about it I had to get my feet wet and try it. Is the
    VLN considered effective teacher learning?

     Your question sent me to my pit of confusion, very annoying, but got me thinking. I work in a small rural school with a great bunch of technophobes and without an ICT cluster to
    help me with developing my effective eLearning practice.  When my ICT Cluster Facilitator left, due to a lack of funding, she engaged the Lead Teachers in Twitter. The idea was to help all of us to stay connected and interact with individuals in the world of education.

    Twitter has helped my students and I connect with and collaborate with schools in England e.g. mapping each other’s classroom, have ongoing learning conversations with a school in Auckland, Skype a school in Hamilton to help with our mihi mihi’s, discover how blogging has increased the writing skills of a school in England, connected me to world leaders in education I can read their blogs and interact with them, I can ask a question and get it
    answered from people around the globe when those around me can’t help me, the
    list is endless.  I have felt safe enough and supported enough through my twitter community to reflect publically on my teaching practice. I have engaged in webinars and bought professional readings written by my twitter PLN that are relevant to what my goals are  in my professional learning.  In which space can I have the Prime Minister
    of New Zealand want to follow what I have to say or perhaps check that I am not
    a threat to the nation’s security, either way it excited me. Perhaps not
    effective PD but great for the ego. I have been introduced to eLearning Tools
    and given great examples and models of how they can engage thinking, creativity
    and collaboration within my classroom on numerous occasions. I liken it to
    ULearn except in this instance it is FREE! I don’t consider this to be dipping
    my toes in; I see it as up to my neck in it!

    I am a full time Yr 5/6 Teacher, Deputy Principal and ICT Lead Teacher (I get no release time for any of these responsibilities). More importantly I am a mother and partner.
    My spare time is very limited and to go and read novels you refer to by
    Timperely et al, in my limited spare time is not very appealing at all. If I
    had professional release time to do this then I would say thank you and enjoy
    every minute. To read 140 characters or less in my spare time and gain what I
    have listed above and more in my practice definitely counts as effective
    teacher learning.  

    Thanks for the pit of confusion I can honestly say in the past I would have shrunk
    away from your devils advocates question and thought I was wrong about twitter
    but today my confidence has grown and I believe I can say twitter has helped
    that confidence greatly because I don't feel like I am on my own in my small
    rural school surrounded with Technophobes whom I adore.



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