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The International Week of the Gifted

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Started by Mary St George 01 Aug 2012 6:42pm () Replies (1)

Next week, 6-12 August, is the International Week of the Gifted. We'd love to know how you're planning to celebrate it. Several of us will be blogging, ad look out for blog posts from some top international figures too. I know who has said yes. I also know that top international figures who say yes don't always end up having the time, so my lips are sealed.

The mani blogging theme is sharing ideas for the International Year of Giftedness and Creativity next year. I have my classes compiling ideas for me to blog, as does at least one other New Zealand teacher of the gifted. Do you have a class with ideas about how to celebrate creativity and giftedness, too? If you have the ideas and the blog, go for it. Use one of the images at http://ultranet.giftededucation.org.nz/WebSpace/748/ and send me the link. If you have the ideas and no blog, get in touch. I can find a blog to host your post on, with no trouble at all.

Keep in touch, and have a great #ITG12!

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