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The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

Started by Karen Spencer 31 Jul 2012 9:14pm () Replies (309)

NAPP logoHaere mai to all NAPP akonga! Welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: Leadership group, and to this kōrero, exploring how we might use the e-Learning Planning Framework to help our schools develop future-focused learning for a digital world. On behalf of the Blended e-Learning team and our wider community, I hope you'll enjoy rich discussion over the coming weeks.Laughing

 How do you know what your school needs, in terms of using ICTs for effective learning? Where do you start to plan?

The e-Learning Planning Framework (English-medium), developed by Te Toi Tupu on behalf of the Ministry of Education, offers a roadmap to

  • support schools to review where they are, 
  • prioritise where they might go next, and 
  • plan the steps to get there.

The framework is supported by examples and resources for leaders and teachers, not least of which is the Enabling e-Learning hub on TKI and the VLN.  Have a look at this video below that unpacks the key ideas, and browse the links above.

What aspects of the framework look useful for your school - and why? How might you use it for planning?


  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 01 Nov 2012 12:14pm ()

    I am so disappointed I missed the webinar (unavoidable) and can't wait to view the recording when it is available.  

    My NAPP inquiry this year has been an incredible journey: How can we build the e-learning capability of staff and students? (With a specific focus on transformation in teaching to meet the needs of students who are underserved by the current system, in particular Maori, Pasifika and special needs).

    In hindsight I should have worked with all five dimensions of the elpf.  We chose to focus on the dimension "beyond the classroom" as we identified this as the area of greatest need.  We have very well established class blogs which we wanted to extend posting on and increase community engagement.  We have worked through staff changes, push/pull factors and are really identifying the purpose, goals and hopes for our online interaction.  The self mapping, reflective nature of the elpf is perfect for working with a staff to identify their abilities and set manageable goals.  As we work towards sustainability we need to bring all the dimensions into play.  We have worked to identify preferred learning time, group size, space and method of blogging to share class stories.  We are now buddying to pair/blog and we work towards engaging classes in the amazing quad-blogging phenomena. 

    Next week we are running an extended community evening to engage parents in the learning journey and increase interaction with our online environments.  Learners from my class are running sessions in classes across the school to actively model commenting and interacting.  I have always said a blog without comments is like a day without sunshine, so I am looking forward to a whole lot of sunshine coming our way.  

    The more I work with the e-learning planning framework, the more aware I become that it is our role as educators in the 21st Century to empower our learners to teach and support their parents along this very exciting journey.  Parents of my learners are inquisitive, interested and excited about opportunities but are often not sure of the potential of the online learning environment. 

    I wonder how long it will be before we see an increase in learning support offered to community members?  How exciting it would be for learners to run ‘after school sessions’ teaching their parents and grandparents….

  • Anne Kenneally  (View all users posts) 10 Nov 2012 8:15pm ()

    Hi Blair, thanks for your comment.  I have finally made the time to visit the recording of the webinar and I agree it was incredible.  I have worked extensively with the eLPF this year, have learnt so much along the way, and added to my learning significantly through the webinar.  Our school is moving over the road currently - our site was purchased by a supermarket chain and we are re-locating 500 metres down and across the road.  For us this is amazing - new/fully refurbished classes, fully wired and cabled for the latest and greatest - so we are poised on the precipice of a e-learning E-xplosion.  I think the MAGIC in the framework is the freedom, the support, the research, the options, the ability for teachers to conduct their own teaching inquiry to really enable e-learning for their learners.  As I reflected on my journey with NAPP this year, I have celebrated the success and alluded to the excitement of the journey ahead.  I think the key for me now, is to make all our learning and teaching as ‘rewindable’ as possible.  Taking this idea from Kevin Honeycutt at Ulearn and melding it with Karen Melhuish Spencer’s idea of personalised professional development I am on a mission to make professional development ‘rewindable’ and sustainable… MAGIC!

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