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The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

Started by Karen Spencer 31 Jul 2012 9:14pm () Replies (309)

NAPP logoHaere mai to all NAPP akonga! Welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: Leadership group, and to this kōrero, exploring how we might use the e-Learning Planning Framework to help our schools develop future-focused learning for a digital world. On behalf of the Blended e-Learning team and our wider community, I hope you'll enjoy rich discussion over the coming weeks.Laughing

 How do you know what your school needs, in terms of using ICTs for effective learning? Where do you start to plan?

The e-Learning Planning Framework (English-medium), developed by Te Toi Tupu on behalf of the Ministry of Education, offers a roadmap to

  • support schools to review where they are, 
  • prioritise where they might go next, and 
  • plan the steps to get there.

The framework is supported by examples and resources for leaders and teachers, not least of which is the Enabling e-Learning hub on TKI and the VLN.  Have a look at this video below that unpacks the key ideas, and browse the links above.

What aspects of the framework look useful for your school - and why? How might you use it for planning?


  • Deb Marsden (View all users posts) 05 Nov 2012 2:52pm ()

    I found it funny that all of the early entries in this Korero talk about the perfectness of the timing for lookikng at the e-learning framework.  Would the timing always be right, due to the framework having relevance to all schools despite what point they may be at in their journey, or is it that the environment at this point in time is right for the frameowrk to be explored and discussed?  We have had a number of HoDs in our ICT department in the six years that I have been at my current school - four in fact - and each HoD had their own bent, their own pet projects (or technology type) or direction that they felt ICT and e-Learning should be going in.  They would make a sound-sounding proposal to the BoT, who really want to be a Board that invests into future-proofing not only our school but our students also, who would generally invest into the project/technology proposal of the day.  But, after the various HoDs and being left with redundant technologies (or technologies that don't adequately function as the supporting infrastructure were never factored into the original proposal) the BoT is not so keen to invest into fads or pet projects.  Maybe if they hadn't seen the nightmare that was left by four very different HoDs they may never have seen what they can now see - that an overarching plan is needed that will remain constant despite the particular teaching staff, or technology of the day; that the learning outcomes and reasons for the technology need to come first and then the technology needs to be matched to the need (rather than the other way around as it has often been for us).  THe e-Learning framework hasn't been something that has been discussed in our school - at a staffing, leadership or BoT level but it fits the new approach that has organically been started in our school through wondering how things can be solidified and strengthened.

  • Deb Marsden (View all users posts) 06 Nov 2012 10:31am ()

    I think that you need to get the 'why' through to staff to avoid or minimise the reluctance to change.  I was really struck by Simon Sinek's TEDx talk: "Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ZoJKF_VuA) and think that an approach that shows teachers the reasons why change is needed and how it will positively change things is important, rather than forcing them to change (or starting with the "what").  At the start of the year, I was really resistant to using myPortfolio, but if someone had told me about their experience with it and the potential it had I would have been less resistant.  I have found that as the year has gone on I have really relished the reflection and collaboration that myPortfolio has allowed.  I ran a PD session last week at work around the possible use of myPortfolio as an appraisal platform next year (after I spoke to our Extended Leadership Team about staff having to be sold on using something before they are forced to change their approach to teaching - they have to see the value before they will willingly buy into it and invest countless hours into it).  In the PD session I spoke about my journey with myPortfolio and the changes that it had brought to my self-reflection, self-understanding and reflection around practice, as well as the benefit of being able to be a virtual PLG and the growth that there has been personally for me through this.  I talked about how an appraisal process might look like on myPortfolio, but that we could construct this together if staff wwere keen.  At the end of the session, a huge number of staff were keen to give it a try, talked about how cool they thought it would be, and some talked of how they could use it with their classes.  Within the day about 30% of staff had a myPortfolio account and 25% had joined the staff group that I set up and a number of staff were talking openly about myPortfolio as a tool in the forum discussion and one teacher was asking me about how to eliminate the negatives that she had experienced in using myPortfolio with her Y9/10 English class.  I was really blown away by the openness to try something new and I came away thinking that we were actually miles ahead of where I had thought we were.   I had assumed that there would be huge resistance (and there still may be some resistance) but I really got it wrong. 

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