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The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

Started by Karen Spencer 31 Jul 2012 9:14pm () Replies (309)

NAPP logoHaere mai to all NAPP akonga! Welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: Leadership group, and to this kōrero, exploring how we might use the e-Learning Planning Framework to help our schools develop future-focused learning for a digital world. On behalf of the Blended e-Learning team and our wider community, I hope you'll enjoy rich discussion over the coming weeks.Laughing

 How do you know what your school needs, in terms of using ICTs for effective learning? Where do you start to plan?

The e-Learning Planning Framework (English-medium), developed by Te Toi Tupu on behalf of the Ministry of Education, offers a roadmap to

  • support schools to review where they are, 
  • prioritise where they might go next, and 
  • plan the steps to get there.

The framework is supported by examples and resources for leaders and teachers, not least of which is the Enabling e-Learning hub on TKI and the VLN.  Have a look at this video below that unpacks the key ideas, and browse the links above.

What aspects of the framework look useful for your school - and why? How might you use it for planning?


  • Judy Cooke (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2012 9:23am ()

    I've been referring to the e-learning framework since its draft format as we are a school fortunate enough to implement a 1:1 laptop program commencing in 2011 at the Y5 level and with a planned "staged roll-out" to Y8 in 2014 and as a new teacher to the school in Y5 I fell into implementing and driving this initiative forward by default when my fellow Y5 colleague left for Australia because of love! I was grasping to articulate the reasons for this initiative, how it fitted into the school vision and teaching culture and more than anything how to support teacher's professional learning to ensure this initiative was successful.  In 2010 there was also a core group of parent resistance to the idea of e-learning and integrating ICT's into the school curriculum.  The e-learning framework helped me mostly in the definition of the "5 Dimensions"  - they really do provide a road map to clarify thinking and direction particularly the Professional Learning Dimension.  My frustration is convincing my Senior Management colleagues this is a worthwhile document to refer to and to use to underpin our e-learning initiative.  I have come to understand that until you actually have to 'walk the talk' using e-learning it can easily be dismissed as it's nothing major and it's educational business as usual!  It's not!  It demands a huge reflection by all members of the staff and I believe the e-learning framework is a great tool to start the teaching as inquiry and Leadership Inquiry needed to ensure the potential of e-learning is unlocked in a planned and strategic way.  As I read over and over again, it is not about the tools but the teaching and vision of how the tools will enhance student engagement and achievement!  This does not happen miraculously - it has to be planned, supported and have ongoing profesional learning... despite all the fabulous tools at our fingertips in my school we are still very much at the Emerging to Engaging phase.  By identifying this however I have now a goal to work toward in moving towards Extending - without the framework I don't think I would have the vision of where to next...

  • Judy Cooke (View all users posts) 03 Nov 2012 9:35am ()

    Hi Annette,


    You convey a sense of urgency to get this underway for next year - lucky you having a Principal who is familiar with and keen to use this tool.  I think you are right to push forward in haste!  At my school we introduced laptops for every student in Y5 in 2011.  The parent meetings were very contentious at that time as parents challenged us as to why this level of ICT use and what proof did we have it would be effective both in learning and raising engagement in learning and therefore student achievement.  At that time they were quite right - there wasn't much evidence - I sound like it was ages ago because having just done the parent presentation for the classes in 2013 and the reflection on how much e-capacity has grown in just the last couple of years means as educators we need to have a sense of urgency... the simple growth and use of ICT tools in everyday life let alone in education has been phenominal and will continue to be - the one that blows me away is the banking you can do by 'bumping' mobile phone devices- how bizzare!  But for me, and I sensed from your post to, it is imperative we know where we are going as educators and have a coherent plan as coherence is one of the underpinning principles in our curriculum.  All the best for the changes afoot in 2013!

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