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The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

Started by Karen Spencer 31 Jul 2012 9:14pm () Replies (309)

NAPP logoHaere mai to all NAPP akonga! Welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: Leadership group, and to this kōrero, exploring how we might use the e-Learning Planning Framework to help our schools develop future-focused learning for a digital world. On behalf of the Blended e-Learning team and our wider community, I hope you'll enjoy rich discussion over the coming weeks.Laughing

 How do you know what your school needs, in terms of using ICTs for effective learning? Where do you start to plan?

The e-Learning Planning Framework (English-medium), developed by Te Toi Tupu on behalf of the Ministry of Education, offers a roadmap to

  • support schools to review where they are, 
  • prioritise where they might go next, and 
  • plan the steps to get there.

The framework is supported by examples and resources for leaders and teachers, not least of which is the Enabling e-Learning hub on TKI and the VLN.  Have a look at this video below that unpacks the key ideas, and browse the links above.

What aspects of the framework look useful for your school - and why? How might you use it for planning?


  • L. Nicholson (View all users posts) 02 Nov 2012 10:26pm ()

    Some excellent comments have been made that have questioned my thinking and challeneged my idea.

    We have yet to have ultra fast broad band fitted and I am beginning to feel left behind. I have been elected to be part of a working group to focus on the use of IT and the needs of it and this have enjoyed some of the comments posted and the quality of information that is shared. Is this not true leadership in one of its senses..giving it away to reap it back.

    What i have often seen is a department demanding new equipment and soft wear because they can or because they have a like it or because they have been told its the best thing since sliced bread.

    As a team we are looking at the big questions of "where in our Pathway of learning is IT being planned /integrated?" "How are we embracing new ideas/concepts of and in IT? "Are we allowing our students to lead the learning where they are the experts as much as we can?"

    In short we are looking the whole and are often shot down when the tehnology is not developing excellent students. IT needs to be embedded in the planning and not as an add on which sadly has been the case. This brings me to agree with some posted comments on this site in that we need to develop further or revisit this planning looking from all aspects of ther school. This could be done via suverys..online of course..question and answer sessions as we are a small college .

    We also need to be courageous and leap forward..our students do it all the time...

  • L. Nicholson (View all users posts) 04 Nov 2012 3:07pm ()

    Again I think the timing of this Korero is prefect as we are currently being re structured at senior management level.  As middle manager I have been not been privy to the majority of planning within our very small rural College, but being privy to the vast array of information available through my participation in NAPP I have built up a great resource that i can use during my consultation

    Being in a context like ours had some very rich possibilities and I believe that we need to really embed the 5 dimensions of the e-learning frame work. I am particularly interested in the Professional learning element as I have had responsibility for this area and have worked with the e-principal in our area. I now have to  put my leadership thing shift into practice and consider all the dimensions of the frame work as a collective and not in isolation.





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