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The e-Learning Planning Framework - how and why to use it | NAPP Kōrero 16

Started by Karen Spencer 31 Jul 2012 9:14pm () Replies (309)

NAPP logoHaere mai to all NAPP akonga! Welcome to the Enabling e-Learning: Leadership group, and to this kōrero, exploring how we might use the e-Learning Planning Framework to help our schools develop future-focused learning for a digital world. On behalf of the Blended e-Learning team and our wider community, I hope you'll enjoy rich discussion over the coming weeks.Laughing

 How do you know what your school needs, in terms of using ICTs for effective learning? Where do you start to plan?

The e-Learning Planning Framework (English-medium), developed by Te Toi Tupu on behalf of the Ministry of Education, offers a roadmap to

  • support schools to review where they are, 
  • prioritise where they might go next, and 
  • plan the steps to get there.

The framework is supported by examples and resources for leaders and teachers, not least of which is the Enabling e-Learning hub on TKI and the VLN.  Have a look at this video below that unpacks the key ideas, and browse the links above.

What aspects of the framework look useful for your school - and why? How might you use it for planning?


  • Kim Blackwood (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 12:28pm ()

    How do you know what your school needs, in terms of using ICTs for effective learning? Where do you start to plan?

    The e-Learning Planning Framework (English-medium), developed by Te Toi Tupu on behalf of the Ministry of Education, offers a roadmap to

    • support schools to review where they are, 
    • prioritise where they might go next, and 
    • plan the steps to get there.

    What aspects of the framework look useful for your school - and why? How might you use it for planning?

    Wow, what a  great webinar.  I was unable to join either of the planned webinars and have just listening to the recording.  Great, it has just re-enforced my thinking around this tool, and how implentation with the staff could best be introduced.

    I have started using the e learning framework through my inquiry this year. My inquiry was How can we use e-Learning to further engage students/whanau and teachers in students everyday learning?  At this early stage of the framework, a small management team have just been working round the EMERGE and ENGAGE stage. This Rubric will give us a clear framework of how we can address the needs of IT in our school and across the community.  It will RAISE awareness, give us the opportunity to TRIAL different approaches, INTERGRATE into our teaching and learning and give us the chance to REFINE and INNOVATE ideas, leading us to be 21st Century Learners.

  • Robyn Wood (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 12:48pm ()

    Yesterday I had the opportunity to listen to Karen Meluish-Spencer speaking at a CORE breakfast in Dunedin.  While she didn't  refer to the e-learning planning framework on too many occasions I found this to be a really useful presentation to challenge my thinking around our next steps as a leadership team concerning e-learning.  Karen did a visual enactment of how we might share our learning journey in our school using streamers -this can be found on EDtalks (in a week or so).    Karen challenged whether this learning journey stays solely  with us,  or maybe is shared with the teacher next door, or perhaps a few people in the staffroom and challenged the idea of making the sharing even broader.  I thought it was a powerful challenge to really 'put yourself out there' and I thought this could be a really great way neat way of scaffolding our staff in 2013 to start making their blogs public or joining a learning community etc.  

    Karen also shared some photographic images that were metaphors for how our school PLD looks like and today as a management team we have co-constructed a model that we believe will really give our staff greater personalisation of their professional learning and yet at the same time ensure our school is still heading along the same sort of pathway - which for us will have a strong e-learning and pedagody focus.  So if you get a chance, you might want to check out the Edtalks - even if it only confirms for you the direction your school is already going in.   Smile


  • Karen Morgan (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 2:04pm ()

    Thanks everyone for the fantastic comments – I have gained so much from your discussions and thoughts.

    We have just finished having a team from Core Education come in and do an ICT review for our school. This involved not only looking at the technical component, but also interviewing students, staff, HOD’s, SMT, parents and board members – getting a holistic response from everyone in our community. We are awaiting the final report, but we hope that this will guide us to be able to come up with a new comprehensive e-learning strategy for the school and our community based on their recommendations.

    The eLPF is an excellent tool and resource to use in order to establish where you are at currently as a school but also define your future direction and areas to focus on. It is imperative now, in 2012, that schools have a strategic plan that is transparent in respect to the future direction around e-learning and pedagogy, so that milestones can be reached each term or year, and that all staff, students and parents can be a part of the journey together. Every school is at a different point with their IT capability, capacity and availability. The framework gives clear guidelines to develop an appropriate plan for every school that is inclusive and covers the 5 dimensions.

  • Geoff Childs (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 4:37pm ()

    We are in a tricky situation as we have a change of principal from next year. This has meant that a number of things are on hold until he arrives, one of them being the strategic plan. As it stated in the discussion, the e-learning framework needs to be a whole school, data driven decision not top down, after the strategic plan is developed.

    At the moment we are looking into BYOD, teacher dashboard and a number of other initiatives, none of which are particularly cohesively drawn together – what is happening in pockets around the school is great and exciting, but not based on any comprehensive inquiry into what we need, where we are now, where do we want to be.. And I have a concern that the stuff that is happening is focused on the tool rather than the pedagogy.

    So we are a little in limbo, but also have great things happening. We could place ourselves somewhere between all 3 categories of trialling different approaches, integrating into teaching and learning and refining and innovating ideas – depending on which department and which teachers were looked at.

    But a new principal will allow for a fresh look to be taken into e-learning and I can see how the framework will fit well into this.

     Helen Benson

  • Jim Peters (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 5:20pm ()

    A good account of what has been done in your organisation, Betty. As a 'recipient', where do you see yourself in the spectrum of e-learning development? If you were a principal what would you do to build on where your organisation is at now? What skills would you need to develop? How would you present yourself to your staff as a credible leader in the sphere of e-learning? Great that you see the value of the LPF.

  • Chris Gunn (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 7:57pm ()

    As a school we are progressing well through a number of efforts this year. We certainly were behind the 'eight ball' ball through the development of a ICT curriculum group and meeting structure we were able to build our vision and plans for ICT integrated implementation. Of course, same as many others, our school is made up of teachers with varying abilities. Progress has been steady and we certainly have a number of people on the journey whole heartedly. The problem I see is while our ICT group and a small number of others have embraced the framework and see its usefulness we have a number that just go through the motions and nod their heads. How do we bring these individuals along on this journey? The best indicator of its worth is students engagement leading to achievement but it all seems just 'too hard' for a few. Tear out the hair stuff!

  • Jan Treeby (View all users posts) 08 Nov 2012 11:31pm ()

    It has been so interesting reading all the postings and seeing how useful the e-learning framework is. We have a strategic plan but we are weak on the self-review process. This framework provides a very useful self-review process. I will definitely be introducing this framework to the ICT team to use as part of the self-assessment process.

    Making sure the framework links to the strategic goals and action plan is so important. One posting I was reading was talking about linking it to the teacher’s goals and appraisals in the ICT area, I think this is a great idea if you want teachers to be focused on developing in this area.

    I was wondering about linking it to the teacher as inquiry process as well so that we are looking at our students and concentrating on meeting their needs as the 21st century learners of today.

  • Helen Dredge (View all users posts) 09 Nov 2012 9:34am ()

    Big picture stuff here which is great! Not a one off but part of the whole strategic plan behind everything a school does to raise student achievement. "Growing lively communities" has a wonderful ring to it.Surely this is what we all want for our school communities.The planning framework would work particularly well for us at my school as we already use the ARIKI PROJECT to reflect on our professional practice.This metacognitive tool which we have been using for a year now has helped us develop on-going rich dialogue around our practise and student achievement. We honestly look at what we are doing,why and if it's not working change what we do to be more effective. I can see the potential in using the elearning framework and how this would compliment what we do.What a useful tool.Thank you very much.


  • Fiona Donnelly (View all users posts) 09 Nov 2012 2:03pm ()

    Yesterday I was able to view the webinar which I unfortunately couldn't participate in.  I love the technology!  Thanks to the team as I found everything discussed helped me get a clearer picture of how e-learning can/should/could look in a school.  There is a challenge ahead for my school but I plan to share the webinar with our management team and then we can get moving!  I agree that we need to get staff and community to understand why we need to move in this direction.  The children won't need convincing I'm sure!

  • Andrew Wooster (View all users posts) 09 Nov 2012 3:37pm ()

    I agree with most of what has been posted.  The framework is a great staring point and for a lot of schools will help them formulate their own.  Great for getting those important discussions going.  Being in a rural school with some old fashioned attitudes, IT in the classroom is not well supported by the community, however, we have had much success with our parent evenings demonstrating e-learning in action.  We are finding parents are allowing their children to use the net at home now!!!!!  We need to break down these types of barriers before we can think about BYOD and e-portfolio’s etc. 

  • Cathee Wilks (View all users posts) 10 Nov 2012 8:59am ()

    Yes I agree Andrew there are so many variables to consider before you introduce BYOD into your school the framework is a great tools to set a clear pathway and action plan rather  than rushing into things. So often school jump on board because it is the next trendy thing to do rather than think things through.  We have started making a list of these such as , who is responible for the devices wehn they are at school , how dow e monitor what they are been used for , sercuity  , families that cant afford them are their children been disadvantaged , etcWe have been using knowledge net to share leanring with the parents this year and only a small percentage have logged on and looked at and commented on their childrens work so now we have to take a step back and realise that it about educating the community as well.  The advance of technology is developing at sucha  rapid pace and the education sector does need to keep up and adapt to ensure that our tamariki are prepared for the future.

  • Saira Boyle (View all users posts) 09 Nov 2012 11:31pm ()

    What a fantastically practical Korero! This is perfect iming as we are setting the strategic direction of our school's future and know this is something we really need to develop to ensure we equip our learners with what they need for the success of their futures! It is reassuring to see how much advice and expertise is out there when we are at the first baby steos stage of this!

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