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iPad Security Devices for Library

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Started by Rachel Boyd 27 Jul 2012 11:29am () Replies (6)

Hi all,

We are looking at putting some iPads in our library for student use - we plan to put eBooks etc on them.

Currently we're looking to purchase some retractable security devices for the iPads - kind of like they have attached to electronic devices in stores like Dick Smith/Noel Leemings etc. We have a librarian who is not so tech savvy and is extremely worried about the devices 'walking' or being stolen. We hope that some sort of system like this will assist here. A plan currently is to create a couple of couch-like reading areas around where the iPads are located.

Before you ask - of course we have plans for other iPads etc throughout the school etc that will not be physically locked down and will be freely moveable etc but we're particularly looking to use this next lot of iPads in the library. 

Suggestions invited :)


  • Greg Carroll (View all users posts) 27 Jul 2012 11:40am ()

    Love the idea of them being with couches etc.  beanbags woudl be great too ....

    Why iPads simply as an e-reader?  Kindles would be cheaper and give you more devices for the same $$$$, and possibly easier on the librarians nerves cos they are cheaper?

    Could they be booked out - write your name on a whiteboard rather than issue to keep it really simple?  Trying to read any device attatched to something with a long cable will be pretty awkward?  I would be thinking the popularity and demand will make the security aspect self-monitoring - the next kid in line will be watching who has it now to pounce on it as soon as they have finished, or look like finishing?

    Do you have door scanners like in a clothes shop?  Stick them on the tablets too?

    just my quick thoughts .....

    Cheers, Greg

  • Melissa Moore (View all users posts) 27 Jul 2012 11:45am ()

    I had the same thought as you Greg initially, but then I thought about picture books, and the rich ones available in apps in the iPads, as opposed to the text only screens of Kindle like reading devices.  I suppose it depends on the age group of students using them.

    It does seem a shame to lock them down though.  Booking out with an ID card could be another option?

    Mel :)

  • Greg Carroll (View all users posts) 27 Jul 2012 12:13pm ()

    true ... and there are so many fantastic things you could use them (ipads) for moving around the library space.  Things like QR codes immediately pop to mind.

  • Rachel Boyd (View all users posts) 27 Jul 2012 1:31pm ()

    Absolutely sold on iPads as opposed to kindles for the same reasons as Melissa has pointed out.

    The thought of them being 'attached' is offputting... We are still at the stage where classes have times they go to the library etc rather than coming in too much incidentally... we're on the journey of the library being an info centre ;P

    Maybe I could look at more of an electronic buzzer type thing. We don't have door scanner type things. I wonder if there is something cheap out there? 



  • Melissa Moore (View all users posts) 27 Jul 2012 1:35pm ()

    One other argument to support not having them locked down is having 'Find My iPad' turned on.  You can locate the iPads from a remote computer and also remotely lock or erase them.  This doesn't prevent them from being taken in the first place, but might discourage dishonest people if it was widely advertised that they could be found if taken.

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