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Monitoring your online programme

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Started by Darren 26 Jul 2012 12:01pm () Replies (5)

How do the various cluster monitor their online programme?  We know we all do NCEA analysis, but what else do we do?  Does anyone else run surveys on students experience?  Anyone else using exit surveys or something similar to gather data on why students withdraw from courses?  Perhaps we could all use the one tool so we can gather common data from across the VLN.  Thoughts?


  • Pete Graham (View all users posts) 30 Jul 2012 11:16am ()

    Several WestNet eTeachers do their own exit surveys, still ad-hoc and results not widely shared. I see this as an area of need and something to develop over the remainder of this year to inform 2013 courses/eTeaching. A wider VLN collaboration would be invaluable.

  • Michael Barbour (View all users posts) 07 Aug 2012 2:21pm ()

    Darren, if this was something that the various clusters were interested in, I would be willing to collect the existing surveys that each cluster uses, combine them into a single instrument, share it with the ePrincipals for feedback, and then once we had a final version I'd be happy to manage the collection of data.  A common instrument and a single data collection process would allow you to make comparisons between how course X in your cluster was being perceived by students compared to all versions of course X being offered or the overall perceptions of your cluster's courses, compared to an overall VLN average (which could also be broken down by subject area).

    All I'd ask in return is the ability to use that data - beyond providing the individual clusters with reports at their request - to present and publish from.


  • Darren (View all users posts) 07 Aug 2012 2:38pm ()

    That is a great idea from my perspective Michael.  Would be fantastic to have a national perspective on the quality of courses.  Does need the agreement of everyone else of course.  Any thoughts from others on this?

  • Carolyn Alexander-Bennett (View all users posts) 14 Aug 2012 11:05am ()

    That would be fantastic Michael.  At our planning meeting for 2013 yesterday, this is one of the things we discussed around "teacher appraisal" and monitoring quality of teaching.  For me it has been the difficulty of the questions to use, so with Michael's experience, this would be great and of course very reliable.  In terms of using the data, I have no problem with this and makes what we are doing transparent and having the ability to make any changes to improve practice.

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