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Successful wifi access for iPads to TV screens and projectors?

Started by Carol Kendall 25 Jul 2012 8:31pm () Replies (28)

Today we used a trial version of Airserver to connect one, and then a second iPad through a teacher's macbook over wifi. It failed miserably - the connection would drop suddenly. When we tried to connect the second iPad, the computer froze and had to be restarted. This happened twice before we gave up.

I know that some of you have used this successfully, so I'm not sure what went wrong for us. I was hoping to use Airserver so we wouldn't need to purchase AppleTVs etc - we currently have a mixture of data projectors and one TV. Has anyone had a similar experience with Airserver that they have been able to overcome, or with Reflection?


  • Sinead Grimes (View all users posts) 26 May 2013 10:08pm ()

    Yes I'm on the home wifi set up, all speaking to the same wifi, strength is good, not VPN. I just tried installing it on the mac and it popped up for me and works fine. That tells me this is a settings problem with my windows laptop. Think I'll try it again tomorrow on both at school. We have a robust brand spanking new wifi (Ubiquities) running and we are only running one login at the mo for everyone. I'll see how that goes.

    Not techie so not sure how to check out Bonjour other than I can see it's installed on the laptop.I don't like the sound of your problems with Airserver Niall, I guess the best thing is wait for our weekly visit from the tech on Wednesday to talk to him about that.

    Thanks for the prompt advice people! Smile



  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 26 May 2013 9:21pm ()

    Should be iPad and laptop operating on same wifi network, Reflector open on laptop and airplay will become available. Have worked it on both Mac and PC no problem.

  • Peter Eaton (View all users posts) 26 May 2013 9:13pm ()

    Talk to your IT Tech Person(s): one thing you need to be sure of is that the AppleTV/airserver/reflector and the device you're trying it connect to MUST be on the same subnet/VLAN for the bonjour protocol to allow the devices to see each other.  I.e. you can't have one on the "guest" wifi and one on the "main" wifi or one plugged in to wired Ethernet (depending on your network setup).  Otherwise, check firewall settings on your pc/mac and make sure you have a strong wifi connection on both devices.

    This is really something you need to get your IT person to diagnose on-site, as it is unlikely the app vendor (or users on this site) can properly diagnose.



  • Neil_V (View all users posts) 26 May 2013 9:13pm ()

    Windows version of Airserver worked for me happily (on Win7 64bit), but IT threw their toys at the way it 'broadcasts' across our entire network :(

    We ended up switching to AppleTV for the convenience and simplicity of function.

    AFAIK, all airserver needed was to be on the same router and IP/subnet as the iPad - which should be a standard setup at a home internet connection.... did you check your firewall on the PC isn't blocking it, and that the PC/iPad isn't on a VPN connection?

    *edit for spelling

  • Sinead Grimes (View all users posts) 26 May 2013 8:41pm ()

    I have downloaded the free trials for both Airserver and Reflector (windows version) but failed miserably to get either functioning as the airplay icon is not coming up on any iPad I have tried to mirror.Frustrating! I was hoping to try out both briefly before making a decision about which to use in our school this week when I roll out our iPads.Has anybody else had the same problem?

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 11:50pm ()

    I think you will find that it will take you to the site you need according to what kind of computer you are accessing it from. just like iTunes does. 

  • Graeme Hood (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 10:01pm ()

    Did just this 2 weeks ago - purchased twice! as I thought I had done something wrong. Emailed the support team (AirSquirrels <support@airsquirrels.com>) and they got back to me within the day with the Windows serial number. Have since installed on Windows (another staff members computer) and works fine.

  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 9:18pm ()

    I had looked at Reflector some time ago but I was under the impression I needed a Mac for this. The website now says Windows also - yay! Except when I clicked through the various tabs from my iPad here, it only offered me licenses for Macs. Has anyone more info on this?

  • Daniel Alcock (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 3:16pm ()

    A cool thing I tried yesterday was using my Macbook running Mountain Lion I mirrored my screen up to the TV through appleTV, this is great. Then I downloaded a trial of airserver and grabbed 5 ipads and mirrored them not to the apple TV but to the Macbook. It worked really really well, on my TV I could see five ipads. I will definitely be buying airserver even though I can already mirror straight through the apple TV because I get to share more screens at once! Although I did just read that reflector will screen record whilst mirrroring so maybe I will try that one! I wonder what format it records in? I will post a link to a youtube video shortly so you can see what I did because I don't think I explained it very well.

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