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Top tips for posting - and learning - online

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Started by Karen Spencer 24 Jul 2012 11:32am () Replies (1)

typing on a laptop online

I recently compiled this list for a group of facilitators:

1.  Bear your audience and purpose in mind

  • Provide them with a clear reason to read. What's in it for them?
  • Use self-explanatory headlines and links


2.  Keep it succinct, short and engaging

Most people skim and scan online. 

  • Provide images/embed multi-media
  • Provide links to further reading or resources instead of screeds of text. 
  • Aim to keep it short enough to be read on an laptop screen without scrolling ('above the crease')

3.  Make it accessible 


  • headings' hierarchies 
  • bold text
  • bullets
  • images with alt text added
  • plenty of white space.

4.  Friendly and professional tone

Think about how your words may appear to others. How does your profile represent you and your organisation?


5.  Constructive and learning-focused

This can range from warm social greetings and affirmation that builds trust, through to exchanging useful information, to asking open questions to encourage further reflection. Our focus is usually to foster professional learning that ultimately enhances students' achievement:-)


What would you add?


[Image source: freedigitalphotos.net]

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