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How do you engage all your learners?

We know what it looks like when we are engaged, don't we? We listen, we talk with others, we write and create, we probe ideas and ask questions, and want to be actively involved in shaping the process.

So, how do we create the same opportunities for students to feel this way?

On 25 July, during Te Wiki o te Reo Māori, we are running a webinar to hear how others have approached this design challenge - How are we engaging every learner?: Sharing stories of effective practice - and we will be exploring ways to design learning experiences so that our learners feel in control, feel that they belong and can see themselves in the experience. Technology is part of this (and we know that ICTs can often be catalysts for engagement) but they are only part of the story.

Check out this video, exploring 'passion projects' from Enabling e-Learning:



As we run up to the webinar, can you share what you will be doing this term?

How do you engage your students when they all bring different needs and interests?


  • Merryn Dunmill (View all users posts) 26 Jul 2012 1:30pm ()

    Sorry I was in an aeroplane at the time BUT I was lucky enough to have two days this week (Tuesday and Wednesday) working with Sam, Lorena and Angela and the students at Fraser High. We filmed a lot of reflective discussion to include in a Snapshot of Learning based on this project. The school - staff and students - are indeed passionate, dedicated, fun-loving, creative, expressive, and all-in-all switched on! Thanks Sam for a great two days in your classroom. 

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