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iPads in education | An Enabling e-Learning event

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Started by Tessa Gray 11 Jul 2012 3:01pm () Replies (23)

Judging from the high interest in discussions within the iPad/iPod user group, iPads in education is a current trend for many schools. Perhaps your school is thinking about purchasing iPads and not sure how to get started. Perhaps you’re personally interested in trialing ways of working with iPads in the classroom, then this forum will no doubt interest you. iPad

iPads are a versatile, light-weight, portable, multi-media tool that has a huge potential in education – both at school and at home. Wireless technology means that students can access a huge digital repertoire of material for research (Internet), exploration and consolidation of new learning, sharing information, data collection, e-books, story telling and more. The responsive scrolling touch screen makes this tool is ideal for all diverse learners.

Guest educators and teachers include Tara Fagan (BeL facilitator), Tania Coutts (BeL facilitator), Allanah King (iPad/iPod group owner) and Chris McKinlay (Grants Braes School) - will be on hand to answer your questions and share their expertise.

Meanwhile, here's a video from Enabling e-Learning:TeachingBenefits iPads provide for student learning - Part 1 - where teacher Craig Kemp and one of his students from Grant's Braes School talk about the benefits of iPads in the classroom.

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  • Tania (View all users posts) 13 Aug 2012 12:16pm ()

    Thanks for the introduction TessaLaughing  Looking forward to taking part in this discussion forum.  My quick start to this discussion...  This morning I have been working alongside CORE Education BeL Literacy Facilitator - Jill Hammonds.  As Jill has been working with teachers and students I have been trialling popplet as an app to collate my notes.  I loved being able to easily add text and pictures to my mind map AND if I was an artist I could have even drawn my own picturesCool  A real bonus was being able to easily share my popplet my saving as a JPEG, PDF or emailing.


    Last week I worked with a group of students at Whangarei Primary School during their group reading time.  The students were reading about dustmites and wanted to collate the information they had gained in a way that they could share on their class blog.  The students successfully trialled Popplet and have posted their work here.  You will see they used different strategies - as we reflected on the 'why' they thought popplet worked for them as an app they shared a few points.

    • They liked being able to take photos of the journal they were reading as a visual reminder - they also took photos of 'words' they weren't sure of and were able to collaborate with others peers/teachers on the meaning of these words
    • They liked being able to draw their own pictures of dustmites on the iPad - yes they are artistsCool
    • They liked being able to write on the iPad

    Many schools I am working with have a focus on literacy within the BeL programme.  Staffrooms are buzzing with professional discussions and 'wonderings'  around how literacy learning can be enhanced with the support of the iPad/iPod.  I look forward to encouraging teachers to take part in this discussion forum and building a real community of learners when thinking about iPads in Education.

  • Tania (View all users posts) 13 Aug 2012 5:25pm ()

    If you are just beginning with iPads - you may like to check out our intial thoughts as a teaching team at Whangarei Primary School.  In this post we talk about our students critiquing apps.  Please feel free to adapt the attached app critique sheet....

    WPS App Critiquing Student.pdf

  • Tania (View all users posts) 17 Aug 2012 11:04am ()

    Thanks Karen - great to read your cluster reflection - a good resource for me to share with schools I am working with who are currently at the beginning of their iPad journey.  I think for teachers just starting out it is all about finding the right 'app' for the right 'purpose'.  A few teachers at Whangarei Primary School are using Show Me as a tool for recording the students math thinking.  It was really interesting yesterday listening to feedback from the students about why they liked using show me.  Lots of positive thinking about how they enjoyed math more where they could blend it with the iPad and how they liked listening to how other people solved the problems and being able to give each other feedback on their thinking.  The students are also keen to try this app out for their spelling words...  watch this spaceCool

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