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Are you and your school cyber secure?

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Started by Karen Spencer 13 Jun 2012 5:32pm () Replies (1)

imageThis week is Cyber Security Awareness Week, and it was launched by Netsafe at Parliament this week - and you can read more about it on the Enabling e-Learning website: http://www.elearning.tki.org.nz/News/Cyber-Security-Awareness-Week-11-15-June

For schools, there are four key actions that should be front of mind to address the majority of cybersecurity issues:

  1. Update everything
  2. Backup your files
  3. Secure your wireless network
  4. Use strong passwords

Information about how to do these things can be found here: http://www.securitycentral.org.nz/about-security-central/an-introduction-to-cybersecurity/

So, how secure are you? And how does your school manage these issues?

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