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Conference/trip/other major P.D. reflections

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Started by Karen Merriman 12 Jun 2012 4:07pm () Replies (11)

Teachers, please share reflections with other staff members concerning any major events you have attended as P.D. this year.  Say how it has contributed to your thinking about teaching and learning, engaging students through ICT, culturally appropriate curriculum or innovative methods for teaching.  


  • Julena Hickey (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2012 4:41pm ()

    Same here Karen. I did notice however at my Visual Art best practice some art teachers in high decile schools were not at all interested in converstions around barriers to learning for students in lower decile schools. The artist models we used to 'contextually' include students were far removed from the 'designer' artist models which may appeal more to the student who has been exposed to art history and appreciation in the wider world and not the student who percieves 'the marae' as their world.

  • Philip Buchanan (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2012 4:31pm ()

    Good point!  After all, that is the whole intent - to build their mana and help them achieve.

  • Karen Merriman (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2012 4:28pm ()

    I remember how my partner felt valued by me holding my tongue.  It certainly is something to remember to do when talking with students.


  • Philip Buchanan (View all users posts) 20 Aug 2012 4:27pm ()

    Great session from Sue Winters (ePrincipal) on Interview techniques (with students and whanau).  This was to assist us with another major learning goal - to get student goals/profile data into KAMAR based on improved interviewing strategy, and KAMAR's new Profile tools.

    The major thing I remember is the necessity to 'hold your tongue', after you have prompted with a key question.

    What else do you remember?

  • Philip Buchanan (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2012 2:35pm ()

    Great focus Thomas.  I spoke with Rupert at my PD on Friday 15th and he said,"suspensions do not have the impact, but going to the whanau/homes and building a partnership toward student-learning that makes the difference.  This is a consistent message I have been getting, leading me to make the time to connect with whanau rather than just action consequences.

  • Philip Buchanan (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2012 2:31pm ()

    Sounds great Pam.  Could you give us an example of some search sites you have found useful for students, and/or how you used them to 'teach' some content/ideas?

  • Philip Buchanan (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2012 2:29pm ()

    Great!  Please also share an example of how the BP Workshops have impacted on the way to teach/what you do differently, in the classroom?

  • Thomas Tumai (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2012 4:33pm ()

    Recent CNDAP conference at Wairakei Rangitahi focussed on the theme " What do we do with the students who fall through the gaps." In Te Kotahitanga and He Kakano,we have programmes which can address this issue, however as spoken about time and time during the confereance, many of our challenges are with  issues that students bring with them. For pd, Yes we can focus on content, but how can we engage students with major issues, and bring light to their world of darkness.  

  • Pam Robinson (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2012 4:27pm ()

    Learning at school seminars where I attended a research ICT group.  It made my way of teaching different with new places to search


  • Karen Merriman (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2012 4:15pm ()

    Major PD in 2012 has been Best Practice Workshops.  Collegial get togethers that support assessment are invaluable.  It gives me as a teacher more confidence and affirms my judgements.

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