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Integrating iPads into the maths programme

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Started by Jasmine Rolton 11 Jun 2012 11:07pm () Replies (30)

I am planning to take a workshop in the holidays that highlights the use of iPads within the maths programme.

 I am very keen to hear from all of you about what is working well, at what levels and why?  

I myself have had recent success with the show me app.  Students will use this app to reconsolidate learning independently by recording their WALT and strategies used to achieve success.  

 It is an excellent way to gather evidennce of learning through the students writing, retell being written and steps verbally recorded, as well as photos taken and recorded if materials are used to problem solve.  This can then be emailed to the teacher or uploaded to the class blog page. 

I look forward to you sharing some of your success stories of what apps are being used within your maths programme.


  • Abbie (View all users posts) 11 Mar 2014 4:52pm ()

    Hyperblast... without a doubt a class favourite. It is interactive, a genuine gaming experience It was my basic facts programme last year and I saw good results (I teach year 2/3). Math Bingo is also fantastic (although it is more 'worksheet like'. The kids like it because they can earn bingo bugs). 


    Math zoom is good for developing speed and familiarity with number lines (switch the needle on to make it recall, off for strategy).

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