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  • Should a teacher take their own ICT to school? If they do and it gets damaged who pays?

Should a teacher take their own ICT to school? If they do and it gets damaged who pays?

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Started by Allanah King 09 Jun 2012 1:39pm () Replies (11)

A different take on BYOD- when teachers bring their own devices who pays for it if it gets damaged?

I assume that when I take my gear (USB, Mac Book Air, Camera, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) and use it at school then I look after it and assume the risk?

But should I have to?

I am supporting the education of my students by bringing my own gear to school. My gear is better than school is supplying.

Say it gets damaged- by a student. Should I have to pay for the fix as well?

If I accidentally drop my iPod Touch while taking photos- say on a school trip, should I have to pay to have it fixed?

The school is winning by not having to buy gear themselves so shouldn't they at least fix it so you can use it in the same condition as it was when you brought it to school in the first place.

Here the blog post that got me thinking about this. Thanks to Charles Newton for the tweet.


I'd be interested to hear other people's opnions and practice??????????


  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2012 3:12pm ()

    Interesting point you are raising. My DH is totally against me taking any of our own gear to school, in a past life as HoD Music I 'lost' too many CDs and there was no option of haveing them replaced by the school.

    It links in well with my questions regarding any BYOD both as eLT and as a parent of three boys - who pays for it when something gets broken or stolen at school or during school business?

    A few weeks ago I dropped 'my' iPad which is owned by the school - cracked screen. The school has insurance with $500 excess. The principal is yet to decide what happens [I said straight away my mistake I am of course prapared to pay for it], indications are the school will cover the cost. I'll just have to wait and see.

    That raises a new question, you get a gadget given by the school, sign for it (I actually haven't got a copy of what I signed), but with the proviso that students get to use it. They break it - I hope that means that the school does pay for it, but to replace a cracked screen costs of course less than the $500 excess. Have any school policies with less than $500 excess?

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2012 3:40pm ()

    That was kind of you to offer but to pay but I don't think I would have. The school wouldn't fix my stuff so why should I fix theirs!

    Reminds me of when I once put the wrong piece of OHP transparency in the brand new photocopier. It never came out but smoke came out of all the seams!

  • Melanie Matthews (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2012 3:17pm ()

    Actually I have always thought it as 'take at your own risk'. 

    Good question though, what about asking the ministry to fix what has been broken while working for them?

    This is a good ponder, I think I will go read the inspiring blog post.

    I look forward too more discussion here.

  • Carol Kendall (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2012 4:26pm ()

    Being a part time teacher, with different employers and 3 different jobs, I am not supplied with any equipment. I don't qualify because of my part time status. This means that, to do my job properly and keep up to date with the ICT that is the main ingredient of my job, I need to supply it myself. Thus, for the past 15 years of doing this work I have supplied my own laptop and other gear (now including an iPad2). Initially, as part of my Cluster Facilitator contracts, I insisted on charging a bit more that would cover this and any insurance etc involved. But now I am on a teacher salary as part of school staffing. There is no provision for my gear. I remember being told that I should (!!) have my gear covered under business insurance, not my regular Contents insurance, because I use it in my work. This would cost more. So, potentially I may not be covered at all! However, I am not a business, just a salaried teacher, and I can't claim anything on my tax.This is tough.

    One advantage of all this is that I get to buy the gear I want - a Macbook Pro with extra RAM, non reflective screen, faster processor, the cover I want etc etc. An iPad2. Recently I bought myself an iRig Mic. Murray Wood, bless him, used to give me good deals when I needed to purchase more gear... 

    It's great that I don't have to hand all this back if I was to leave my job, too. But, boy oh boy, does it all cost a lot more and I'm just lucky I can afford it. I am very wary of leaving my gear sitting around in case someone helps themself to it.

    It's all going to catch up with me one day..... then I'll find out what happens....

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2012 5:28pm ()

    Yes- I much prefer my own stuff to anything that a school is going to provide. I got my personal Mac Book Pro up-spec-ed (sp?) because that is what I wanted. I love being able to have my own gear cos I can have it how I want it- not re-imaged at the end of each year.

    It is now a few years old- my State insurance does not pay out on computers older than two years I think so if it were to get stolen or dropped that would be the end of that.

    My Mac Book Pro has had a hard drive fail but with Time Machine and an extended guarantee it was soon fixed. What if I hadn't got an extended guarantee! More expense.

    I would hate to be lumbered with a PC and told that was my gear that I had to use- shudder!

    One school I worked with had all their gear leased and teachers weren't allowed to even plug in a data projector for fear that they would bend a pin or something and a technician had to be called in to do it.

    It would be great if we could claim work related expenses but I can't ever see that happening again.

  • David Leslie (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2012 7:59pm ()

    Would schools fix students stuff? i would say no.... so why would they fix ours? one rule for all..... no?

  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 09 Jun 2012 10:10pm ()

    As a facilitator who supplies all her own gear, I assume I am taking the risk. So far I have had an easi-speak broken by students, Sitech replaced it. A flip camera lost by a teacher, the school replaced it and my power cable for my mac book frayed and I replaced it. While I am happy to assume the ris, I try to ensure that safeguards are in place and students and teachers treat my equipment accordingly. However. ultimately it is up to me and my insurance company. 

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