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Co-constructing Digital Citizenship Courses for NZ students

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Started by Claire Amos 23 May 2012 10:23am () Replies (1)

I am just cross posting this, just to see if any of you might like to join in with a wee project that was kicked off last week!

We are aiming to co-construct Digital Citizenship course(s) that wil be available online to all NZ students in 2013. As English teaching folk, keen to explore ICTs in English I just thought some of you might be keen to come on board - particularly around the area of developing digital literacies.


Anyhoo - an update and links are below if you are interested! Feel free to share with your colleagues as well.




Subject: Digital Citizenship Project Update

Hi all,

Just a quick update - one week in!

Numbers - We have 22 signed up to the list serve and over 30 on the Google Doc. It would be great if we could build on these numbers to get a truly representative spread of educators involved. If you could encourage involvement via your blogs, twittering and/or face-to-face networks it would be absolutely appreciated. I have pasted in the link to the Doc and Group below, in case you wanted to simply forward this email.

Senior planning - I am going to get going on the 'senior' DC planning next week (hopefully some of you are keen to join in too??), so if you have any suggestions, existing courses or resources that you would like to share before then, it would be most helpful! You can either share them though the DC list serve or add directly to the Google Doc. Hoping we can come up with a draft vision/concept, course outline and learning outcomes over the next 2-3 weeks - any contributions or feedback welcomed! I certainly don't want to monopolise the project. Anyone keen to drive the planning for the 'Junior' course(s)? (Allanah - I hear your concern about the range of needs in Years 1-8).

NetSafe - I have a meeting with Sean Lyons from NetSafe on Friday to discuss the project (and how they might get involved) - how would you like to see NetSafe supporting and/or being involved?? They are of course the experts in many areas of DC so we will be looking to them for advice and/or resources. Do you think it is a good idea to see if NetSafe might provide a 'certificate' or something for students on completion?? Would this give the course more "weight"?? Any ideas welcomed.

Platforms - There has been much discussion about this. It has evolved to the point of being quite open and flexible with the idea floated that the course content be published on wikieducator (as a share point only) with the view to it all being avaialble to share, migrate and embed in your own LMS or online space of choice. This does make sense. I would also like to trial (at senior level??) creating a course on somewhere like the Moodle Hub that could be accessed by students from any school and thereby getting students to participate on a national level with one another as a single community?? It wouldn't matter what LMS any school used day to day, as they would simply self enrol, accessing the course from a link within there existing LMS?? Each of these options are not mutually exclusive (thanks to the ease of sharing and migrating online...).

Thanks for the interest and energy shown so far!

Keep the ideas coming!

Link to Google Doc


Link to Google Group





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