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In Our Own Time

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Started by Dave Winter 09 May 2012 11:06pm () Replies (1)

In Our Own time

When we give kids a challenge and some ownership they love it.
They learn as well. Having offered students a chance to come in at lunchtime and work with Lego robotics we have about ten committed students. 

They turn up consistently and work on this.

They are experiencing flow.

One of the ideas I am working on with this group is that
this is not a race and to acknowledge their own achievements.

The Temptation is to "borrow code" from others a little further ahead. 

With our own efforts well get there and when we do we'll understand more than borrowers.
With our own interests and challenges we are more likely to see this through.

Another quote to support this is "be a maker not a taker"


What Mckenzie had to say about Robotics and their Robot Storm.

Storm "So far we have built our robot. We are currently wireing and putting on our sensors. We downloaded the program we needed to use to program our storm robot.Our robot is basically made out of lego,  I like building Storm because it is a great challenge to achieve."


Finally Have a look at this clip that comes without sound.
5 seconds only. What it show is grandparents looking at the kids playing with robotics. I don't think the future is all about robotics but the looks on the faces of grandparents shows how different their learning and lives were.

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