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Uploading and Embedding Audio/Video

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Started by Allanah King 09 May 2012 6:51pm () Replies (11)

Here's a challenge for the team.

I have made a stunning video that is happily sitting in the a photo album. I upload it happily to Vimeo or maybe Youtube.

Or I record a short piece of audio and have uploaded it somewhere.

Now I want to put it on my blog. 

What I have been doing then is moving to my laptop to get the embed code so I can embed it and put it in the embed html part of a blog post.


I want to do that on my iPad but I don't know how.

Has anyone tried that?? What do others do?


  • Lenva Shearing (View all users posts) 09 May 2012 7:29pm ()

    Hi Allanah,

    Just did the whole thing on my ipad.  Only part I couldn't do was upload the video to the internet.

    1. Used my computer to upload - (I use divshare.com for video or audio).  
    2. Copied the embed code with my ipad.
    3. Used the blogger app - sign in, select the blog and just paste the embed code directly into the content area. Publish.
    4. Went to my blog and checked - perfect. Had to use iSwifter or Rover to view as the video is Flash.

    Seems so easy I think I may be missing something in your original request.!!!!


  • Lenva Shearing (View all users posts) 09 May 2012 8:18pm ()

    Yes, just log in using Safari app or other browser app.

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