Does technology stifle creativity?

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Started by Cherryl Eden 03 May 2012 3:36pm () Replies (16)

As part of our elearning strategic planning we would like some feedback and links please re thoughts about "Does technology stifle creativity". Thank you.


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 24 Nov 2014 1:42pm ()

    Hi Tessa,

    I believe the article is partially correct, although has been written to create controversy.  ADHD does indeed consist of impulsivity and risk taking as some its attributes, but these characteristics do not define an ADHD sufferer.  But when the author then goes on to say that creativity can be considered pathological behaviour in the school system, their views must be based on a different countries system.  Within the New Zealand school curriculum there is massive flexibility.  It’s just a matter of each individual school interpreting what they have to do, and what they want to do. 

    Our school has a focus on 'the arts', hence creativity is fostered.  Students are offered a range of musical, visual, performance, and technological arts.  We feel that this has made a substantial impact on how our students think, and their 'learner agency'.

    On a side note:  I'm not sure if 'creativity' can be taught.  I can be fostered and encouraged and schools can teach techniques on how to manifest an individuals creativity, but teaching someone to be 'creative'.... I don't know...  i.e. Playing the piano isn't creative, but designing and playing your own composition is.


  • Hamish McLean (View all users posts) 25 Nov 2014 2:37pm ()

    Hi Tessa,

    Agree with you that technology can enhance creativity.  It certainly provides yet another way for us to create.  As an early learner I wasn't allowed to be creative as I'm not an artist or musical as that was all I was offered.  But now as a learner in the modern sense, I am able to code, create music and video and explore and express my creativity 

    That generates another great 'debate'.  We all knew that National Standards wouldn't be indicative of a future directed education model, and Tom's video illustrates this and other points very well.  

    I would truly love the media to show modern education to parents.  How it has changed, and how creativity is the one thing that robots and computer can't do.  The one thing that will be values as we progress into the digital production age.  Perhaps then the government will change their view?  Generate another 'reform'  haha... 

    I find it strange that within a school the structure starts at the BOT, principal, leadership and teachers.  Where it should be starting at a government level, and flow into BOT from there.    Government seem to be the last level of change in education.  I love this.... really gets my blood bubbling!!  : )


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